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Nationwide Delivery 0333 939 8074
Nationwide Delivery 0333 939 8074
Stud Poker Table Stud Poker Table Rentuu

Stud Poker Table


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What's this item about? What makes it interesYour 5 cards against the dealer’s 5 cards. The dealer needs at least an ace/king to qualify. Look at your hand & double your initial bet to stay in. If you beat the dealer, depending on the hand you hold, payouts are up to 50/1 for a Royal Flush! Stud Poker is a 5 card, ‘no-draw’ poker game. The game begins with the players placing a bet on the ‘Ante’ box. The dealer then shuffles one full pack of cards and deals five cards to each player face down and five to himself, with the last card, dealt face up. The players then pick up their cards and decide whether they think that their hand can beat the dealers. If the player decides that he can beat the dealer, he places an additional ‘Raise’ bet behind his ante, which needs to be exactly double his ante.


  • A 3 hour dealing period with professional croupiers (can be extended at £45.00 per table per hour)
  • Delivery/ setup/ collection in London 
  • Oversized $100 bills for each guest (can be personalized with logo add £85.00)
  • Expert tuition on how to play the games 
  • Full-size professional casino equipment 
  • All of the accessories needed for the games

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