10 DIY Christmas Craft Ideas To Inspire DIY Projects

DIY craft ideas for the holiday season
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During the holiday season, one of the things you can do to get into the Christmas spirit is to create some Christmas-themed crafts. Whether you want something to spruce up your home or you simply want your family to bond over a joint project, there are plenty of great options you can try out. Knowing the projects you want to work on will also help you determine the tools you need and if access equipment hire is required. Check out these simple DIY Christmas craft ideas for some inspiration. 

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

You can make some beautiful Christmas decorations for your home with nothing more than salt dough. Just take your basic salt dough and cut out some festive shapes (Christmas trees, a snowman, etc.) out of it. The entire family can pick out a favorite shape then you cut them out using simple biscuit cutters. Bake the dough and decorate them using felt-tip pens or acrylic paints. 

Felt Wreath

Wreaths are classic holiday decorations. Many people just buy one for their home, but you can make yours if you fancy getting creative. Wreaths can be made with different materials. A felt wreath is fluffy, fun, and easy to make. All you have to do is tie strips of green felt around a wreath form. You can mix it up by cutting felt strips in two different shades of green. Tie the strips around the wreath form. To further decorate it, add some small ornaments around the wreath using a hot glue gun. 

Ornament Trees

You can make shiny ornamental trees with just styrofoam cones and some ornaments. This shiny festive season decoration takes some work, but you’ll get to use it for several years, so it’s worth the effort in the long run. To make it, get some styrofoam cones (in different sizes) and cover them with some ornaments. Attach the cones to the ornament using hot glue. Arrange them to form a tree with the larger ornaments at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. You may also wrap the tree with beaded garlands or vintage tinsel when you’re done. 

Popsicle Window Ornament

Looking for a cool way to display your holiday photos, try a popsicle window ornament. All you need for this is 5 regular popsicle sticks and a Jumbo stick. Arrange the lolly popsticks to form a window-shaped frame for your holiday photo and glue them together. The jumbo stick will be the base of your frame. For extra decoration, you can add a mini wreath and some fake snow to the photo frame.

Jingle Bell Swag

Here’s another simple holiday hanging you can try out with your family. To start, thread some large jingle bells onto 3 lengths of ribbons. You can show your kids how to thread the bells onto the ribbon and get them to try it too. Once you’re done threading the jingle bells, knot one end of the ribbons and tie the unknotted end around a circular wire or small wreath form. You can add a bunch of green decorations and an oversized bow to the wreath form to complete the design. This holiday hanging can go on your front down, at the end of your kid’s bed, above the mantel, or anywhere else. 

DIY Citrus Garland

Dry citrus is an impressive DIY decoration to spruce up the appearance of your tree. It’s easy to make; all you need is some orange or lemon slices. Just one lemon and one orange will be enough, but you can use more if you want. Cut the citrus fruit into thin slices without peeling it. Each slice should be about 2mm thick and should be cut in round shapes. To dry, arrange the slices in a single layer on two baking trays lined with baking parchment. Bake for about two hours until they’re all dry and firm. Thread the dried citrus with a thin piece of wire or nylon thread and decorate your tree with them. 

Wood Stockings

The stocking over the fireplace is a classic Christmas decoration. You can get creative with it by making wood stockings instead. For this, you’ll need a pine board and a few simple tools such as a jigsaw and a drill bit. Draw out stoking shapes on the pine board and cut out the shape with the jigsaw. Drill a hole at the top of the stocking and hang them with a ribbon. Finish up your craft with some acrylic paint.

Thimble Necklace

If your family is exchanging Christmas-themed crafts as gifts for the holidays, a thimble necklace is a simple but impressive idea to try out. Get some vintage bell-shaped thimbles and make a pretty necklace out of them in just minutes. All you need is a small hammer and a tiny nail to punch a small hole at the top of the thimble. Insert a small pin into the hole you have made and twist it into a closed loop with pliers. Thread a chain necklace into the pendant you have made.  

Wood Block Snowman

Want to make a snowman that’ll never melt? Try this woodblock snowman. All you need is a 4 x 4 board, white and black paints, a plaid ribbon hat, and a few colorful buttons. You’ll also need tools like a glue gun, a cutquick saw, and a wood sander. Cut the wood into three pieces to make the snowman’s body. Sand and paint the pieces then add snowman features with pain, buttons, and ribbons. Finish up your decoration with a doll hat. Check out a more comprehensive tutorial here. You can get circular saw hire from easyToolhire for a wood-based project like this. 

DIY Christmas Candles

Making Christmas candles is a fun DIY craft for the festive season and you can do it with the whole family too. They come in different forms and you’ll find loads of tutorials online explaining how to turn your regular dollar-store candles into holiday-themed decorations that you can decorate your home with or gift to your friends. 


Simple DIY projects like the ones highlighted above don’t need heavy-duty equipment like a petrol breaker, chipping hammer, or hydraulic breaker. However, you may still need to hire some simple tools for them. Check out the collection of tools available on the easyToolhire website to find the right one for your project. 

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