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Our mission is to make the tool and plant hire process quick, easy and accessible to all. Find and rent everything you need to kick-off your renovation project, gardening project, on-going works, and much more.

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Digger Hire

easyToolhire has all your digger hire needs covered

It is easyToolhire’s mission to make the tool hire, plant hire, and equipment rental process easy to navigate, quick, and accessible to all. Find the right tools you need to kick-off your next project, large or small. Whether you’re renovating a house, working on a garden project, commencing a self-build project, or you have ongoing works, we have all the tools you need, including diggers, garden diggers, and trench diggers, and we’re here to help you. 

Hiring a digger is incredibly easy with easyToolhire. We know tool hire and equipment rental inside out. We have all the answers to your digger hire and digger and dumper hire questions and our friendly and knowledgeable team members are trained to help you find the right tools, and the best digger, for the job. 

easyToolhire has diggers to suit your project and budget. We have small and large plant machinery, so before you jump on Google and type digger hire near me, trench digger hire near me, or 3 ton digger hire near me, give easyToolhire a call. 

Our digger hire offers are great value. You can hire a digger with modern safety technology and hire any plant equipment knowing that it has been serviced and maintained to high standards. 

Depending on your exact needs, we have a wide range of machines to hire, including larger machines that are capable of handling the toughest jobs and varied terrain. 

Whether you require 1.5 ton digger hire, trench digger hire, digger hire prices, post hole digger hire, or garden digger hire, we can help. You can choose from a wide range of plant machinery, digger hire equipment, and construction site equipment. We have an extensive portfolio that is designed to solve a multitude of construction headaches and handle a variety of tasks, including the toughest ones you have. 

Diggers can be used to create trenches, remove tree roots and stumps, flatten the landscape, and dig holes – both large and small. A 1.5 ton digger or 3 ton digger will give you great excavation power. The larger the digger, the more you will pay but you will also have more power and you will be able to achieve more, faster. For example, a 3 ton digger is great if you need to move large volumes of earth and a 3 ton digger will make light work of any landscape or clearance work. 

Equally, if you are working on a small extension, for example, a self-build project or a small renovation project, we have diggers for hire that can fit through small alleyways. If you want to level off ground or do some backfilling, we can help you too. Or, if you just want to bore some holes or fit new fence posts, we have post hole borers and fence post diggers that will make light work of the tasks you want to master. 

With the right help, it is easy to find the right digger, perfect piece of plant or earthmoving equipment for your next project. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or builder that requires plant equipment hire for a building, excavation or demolition project or you’re a keen DIY enthusiast that requires small plant equipment for a home or garden project, talk to easyToolhire about digger hire, and digger and dumper hire. 

Our experienced team can talk to you about all kinds of plant machinery and help you to find the right piece of equipment. Our qualified staff are here to help you because it’s our mission to make tool hire easy. So, the next time you think about digger hire prices and digger hire costs, contact easyToolhire. We’re just a click away from helping you to source all your digger hire needs. 
You will find the best digger hire prices on our website so jump online and add the items you need to your basket. We promise a fast and hassle-free digger hire process.

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