3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mini Digger

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A mini digger is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment for construction projects. Sometimes, they are referred to as compact excavators. They differ from regular compactors based on their size. Their portability makes them a convenient option, especially when you have limited space on your construction site. 

Mini diggers are quite convenient to use and are needed on a variety of projects. Because of their sizes, they can be moved with less stress compared to other bigger construction machinery. However, before you go searching for “mini digger hire near me” there are certain things you should keep in mind. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking to rent a mini digger for your project

Why Do You Need the Mini Digger?

Mini diggers are ideal for tasks that shovels and other similar tools are too small to carry out but might be too small for a heavy-duty excavator. Despite being smaller in size, this does little to stop them from being an effective solution for digging holes and trenches, removing stumps, and getting rid of small structures 

However, their small size means they may not be suitable for some types of projects and you might require bigger machinery. You need to be sure that a mini digger is just what you need and that it will be efficient enough to carry out the task at hand.

It is important to know how deep your digging will be. This still depends on the type of project you want to execute. You may not need to do a lot of digging for a simple garden or landscaping project. While laying a foundation or building a basement extension is a different job entirely that will definitely require more digging. 

You should also identify the type of ground you will be working with. Is it a soft ground or a hard one? Soft grounds would require more depth for stability. If the ground is unusually hard, you may need a heavy-duty digger. A mini digger might not be a good option in this case. The type of project you’re working on will also determine if you’ll need to get attachments for the digger or not. For instance, you might need a hydraulic hammer attachment too if you will need to break through a tarmac or concrete ground. 

Consider the Construction Site

You should check the site you intend to work on if there are any hindrances or potentially hazardous structures around. Are there any overhead lines or underground features in the area you’ll be working? You also need to confirm if the area has any sort of restrictions. Is an accessible road network to the location and is the road a busy one? You should be able to answer these questions to make sure that the delivery of your mini is not delayed unnecessarily and that your project progresses on schedule when you get it. 

Micro diggers with smaller sizes and trackers would be great for sites with little space to manoeuvre. Thanks to the internet, getting the specific type and size of digger you need is easier than ever. You can simply search online with search times like “hire a mini digger near me”. You can get a list of those providing the service close to your location and you can check if they have the specific size of mini digger you have in mind for your project. 

Consider Your Budget  

When you are thinking of a mini digger hire, it is important to know what the cost will be. Since pricing tends to vary from one rental company to the other, you should request a cost estimate before you hire a mini digger. Most times, the cost depends on the duration of use. A longer time frame will therefore mean more cost. This means you need to have a specific time frame in mind for the excavation stage of your project (or anything else you might need the digger for). 

You don’t want to run out of time in the middle of your project since this often means paying more than the initial estimate. Carefully planning your schedule along with your budget will ensure that you stay within your plan. Of course, you should factor in unforeseen circumstances when creating your plan. 


If you can afford it, buying a mini digger for your construction company is not a bad idea. However, not everyone can afford the upfront cost of this equipment. The next best alternative to searching for “mini diggers for sale near me” is to hire a mini digger. Just make sure you keep the tips listed above in mind when you’re searching for a rental company to get a digger from. 

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