Are LED lighting towers robust enough for a construction site?

LED Lighting Tower
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Tower lighting is not the most exciting piece of plant equipment there is, but it is one of the most essential items required on a construction site if you wish to carry out work safely. 

LED lighting towers and solar-powered LED lighting towers are becoming increasingly popular, as the technology used to manufacture lighting towers becomes more advanced. 

More and more manufacturers are creating LED lighting towers or replacing metal halide lamps with low-energy LED lamps because LED lamps require less power and are, therefore, more fuel-efficient. 

LED lighting towers are robust pieces of equipment and are perfect for use on construction sites. They provide focused and concentrated light. But do you have questions regarding LED lighting tower hire prices, or solar LED lighting tower hire? Have you jumped online and Googled lighting tower hire near me, only to be met with too much confusing information that has left you baffled? 

In this blog, we ask: Are LED lighting towers robust enough for a construction site? The simple answer is: “Yes”. 

Yes, LED lighting towers are robust enough for a construction site, and here’s why:

•Look at the lumens – a lumen measures the total light being emitted, regardless of direction. Whilst metal halide lamps are brilliant at throwing light across a large surface area, LED lamps offer more directional light. So, consider LED lighting tower hire  if you need to light a specific area on your construction site.

•LED lamps now last longer and need less energy. Hence, their popularity has grown. In more recent years, LED lighting tower hire prices have come down too. This means they are cost-effective pieces of equipment that produce exceptionally bright light. 

•LED lamps are contained in tough and shock-proof housing, making them the perfect addition to any construction sites. The tough housing stops dirt, dust, and other particles from entering the unit, causing damage and stopping the LED tower light from working. 

•Reputable tool hire companies regularly maintain and service all tools, plant machinery and equipment. So, when you consider LED lighting tower hire and solar LED lighting tower hire, you can be certain that the equipment you have hired is up to the job. 

•LED lighting requires less maintenance. In other words, there are fewer maintenance costs. Replacement bulbs are required less often, which means less downtime on site and fewer call-outs to fix/repair broken parts. 

•Let’s not forget about fuel too. Most LED lighting towers only need to be refuelled once a month and not once a week because they use less energy. Machinery that needs to be refuelled less often increases safety, saves time, and improves efficiency on site. 

Before you make a decision on which LED lighting tower you would like to hire, think about where the LED lighting tower will be used. By considering power, site size, working environment (indoors or outdoors) – you can make a more informed choice. Choose wisely and the right LED lighting tower will increase productivity. It will enable you and your team to finish a project, safely and efficiently. 

If you have questions about how robust LED lighting is, or would like to enquire about LED lighting hire pricing, talk to a member of the easyToolhire team. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make tool hire easier. 

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