Can Anyone Hire A Mini Digger? The Surprising Answer

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You must think that hiring a mini digger is a complicated process, but the truth is that it is far easier than you think. In this article, we will explore the requirements for hiring a mini digger and dispel any misconceptions about who can hire one. 

Can Anyone Hire A Mini Digger?

The simple answer is yes! Hiring a mini digger is advantageous in several ways and one major benefit is that it can be utilised by anybody whether on-site on a construction site or on private property. 

Diggers have the most simplistic controls and are easily manoeuvrable, so it does not take long for a novice to become acquainted with them. But like all machines, they must be handled with care so they can work properly as expected. 

Requirements For Hiring A Mini Digger

Although anyone can hire a mini digger, there are a few factors that influence the type of mini digger you can get and your overall experience hiring a mini digger for your project. Here are a few of them. 


There are no major restrictions that make it difficult for people to get a mini digger. As long as customers can afford the cost of a speedy hire mini digger, you can get a mini digger for your project.

Within the UK, mini digger hire costs per day run between 70-250 pounds plus VAT. It is necessary to note that the cost of mini diggers varies according to specifications like size and many other factors. 

Size of the Digger

Mini diggers typically are typically between 1.5-3 ton sizes. The bigger the size, the higher the cost. However, it is not unusual to find companies providing reasonable discounts especially if you need the equipment for a long period of time such as weeks or months. 

Safety Training

For some heavy-duty machinery, you must have a safety certificate or undergo comprehensive training before you can hire or use them. This isn’t the case with mini diggers. Anyone with basic knowledge of a digger’s operation can get one for their project.  

Nature and Scope of Your Project

While anyone can get a mini digger, a lot of thought has to go into hiring a mini digger for your needs. What is the size and scale of your project? How long do you need a mini digger? What can you afford at the moment? These are introspective questions you might need to answer before you can buy a mini digger. 

Whether you are digging up a driveway, levelling the ground or renovating your garden, you should measure the width, height, and breadth of your potential working space before you get a mini digger. This way you don’t end up regrettably hiring the wrong size. 

Additional Costs

There are several extra costs that contribute to how much you’ll have to pay to get a digger. For instance, transporting the mini digger requires a plant trailer which is no doubt an additional cost. Plant trailers have various costs and the prices fluctuate from time to time so you should confirm the price at that point in time. 

The diggers run on fuel so fuel costs should equally be estimated and expected. Most times mini diggers are delivered with fuel and it is advisable to send them back with a full tank. Moreso, as a client you should know that if any damages occur during the period of your usage you will be required to bear the cost in full. Whether the damage is accidental, or the device ends up being stolen, if insurance is not available, then the client would end up bearing the full cost which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore insurance is essential. 

Finally, the only requirements are careful usage, proper due diligence, and enough money to bear the costs. To get a rough idea of how much renting a mini digger is going to cost in your location. Simply search for mini digger hire prices near me and check out the options available. 

Misconceptions About Mini Digger Hire

Like every other machinery, there are several myths about mini diggers that you may have heard at some point. Now that we know anyone can get a mini digger, here are some other myths you may have heard at some point. 

Mini Diggers Cannot Lift Heavy Materials

One major one that has persisted over time is that they are incapable of lifting heavy materials. This is most definitely not true. Mini diggers are more than capable of lifting heavy materials. Of course, there are limits to how much material you can lift, but mini diggers can move a significant amount of material.  

Old Diggers Aren’t Always Bad

Many people believe using an old mini digger is setting yourself up for construction failure. The problem with this myth is that while it may sometimes be accurate, this isn’t always the case. Some old diggers may work just great while a relatively new digger may not always serve your needs which means myth is simply too much of an over-generalisation. 

Mini Diggers Are Not Difficult to Use

Another myth that is strangely persistent is that mini diggers are difficult to use. Being a piece of machinery of great importance, it is pertinent that users get a hang of how to use the equipment. Of course, if you do not have an operator, the rental company can get you one for an additional cost.


As long as you are competent enough to operate a mini digger, patient enough to do due diligence, and wise enough to rent or buy from a top-notch company, your experience with renting and using a mini digger should be seamless and problem free. 

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