Can You Use a Circular Saw to Cut a Wall?

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Always use the right tool for the job. This is one of the most basic handyman rules. You will save yourself a whole lot of time and avoid unnecessary stress when you get a perfect tool for every job you’re tasked to do. That’s not to mention the safety implications of using the wrong tools for a job. 

If you’re a novice working with power tools, choosing the right tool for the task at hand might be a bit of a head-scratcher. For instance, while a circular saw hire might be a good idea for cutting a wide range of materials including wood, plastic, masonry or even metal, it might not be the best choice for certain projects such as cutting a wall. This post answers the question of whether or not you can use a circular saw to cut a wall and the alternatives you can explore for a project like this. 

Can You Cut a Wall Using a Circular Saw? 

This is a very tricky question because the answer can easily swing either way. The short answer to this question is Yes, you can use a circular saw to cut a wall. This popular woodworking tool is a great choice for making quick and precise cuts in wood and other materials that your wall can be made of. If you want to know whether or not this tool is sharp enough or effective for cutting through a wall is, in short, it is.  

However, the fact that it can be used to cut through a wall does not necessarily mean that you should use it. So if the question is whether or not you should use this tool, then the answer is no. Using a circular saw to cut a wall is not recommended. 

Why You Should Not Use a Circular Saw to Cut a Wall

As mentioned, it is possible to cut a wall with a circular saw. But it is not a recommended tool for the job for a wide range of reasons. 


Cutting a wall board with a circular saw is likely to raise a lot of dust. You may need to wear a mask or respirator for this type of work. You may also get someone to suck up the dust with a vacuum while you work. This is one of the major reasons why cutting a wall with a circular saw is not recommended. 

Obstacles behind the wall 

Typically, walls consist of wires, piping and other utility fixtures installed inside them. If you’re not careful, you may inadvertently cut into these fixtures while trying to cut your wall. To use a circular wall, you will have to adjust the cut-depth of the saw to avoid cutting too deep. And even with this, it is more difficult to control the accuracy of your cut compared with using a utility knife or a handsaw for the job. 

It can be dangerous 

Circular saws are versatile tools but they’re not built for this type of cutting. Repurposing the tool this way can be dangerous especially if you do not know how to handle this power equipment properly.

What Should You Use to Cut a Wall?

Instead of a circular saw, the best tool for cutting a wall is a reciprocating saw. This is a type of handsaw designed specifically for renovation and demolition projects. A reciprocating saw can cut through a wide range of materials and gives you greater control compared to a circular saw. 

Another viable alternative to circular saw hire to consider is hiring a table saw that has been fitted with a fine-tooth wood blade. This setup is effective for making lengthwise cuts into wall panelling. The platform of the table saw holds the wall panels steady while the rip fence helps you to adjust the cutting accordingly. A utility knife is also a simple tool that works well for making cuts into walls. Although you’ll expend more energy, it doesn’t raise dust and you won’t have to worry about damaging anything behind the walls. 

What if I Want to Use a Circular Saw? 

We have established that the circular saw is not the best choice for cutting your wall. But what if it’s the only choice available? You may still be able to make it work. Firstly, you should determine the thickness of the wall you’re working on, then set the depth of the blade to about 1/16″ of the wall thickness. Mark the cutting lines for your cut and proceed with cutting. 

As mentioned, this will raise a lot of dust especially if you’re cutting a drywall. Cover your mouth with a face covering or respiratory mask and protect your eyes as well. You may also get someone to vacuum up the dust as it is produced. If your plan is to remove the entire section of a wall including the frame, then you have to repeat the same process for the other side of the wall. Once this is done, you get to see the parts of the frame to cut without damaging anything behind the wall. 


Before you proceed with an electric circular saw hire, it is important that you know if the tool will work for your project or not. Fortunately, there are a number of other alternatives you can consider if you don’t want to hire cordless circular saws. You just need to understand the nature of your project and know what would work best for you.

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