Is it cheaper to mix your own concrete?

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If you are working on a home or garden renovation project which requires concrete, you might have some questions about mixing concrete and the best way to get the concrete mix you need. But before you jump on Google and type in electric cement mixer hire near me, read our helpful tips first about mixing concrete. It’s full of useful advice and includes some helpful links…

Putting in some foundations? Laying a patio? Creating a new driveway? Whatever project you are working on, you will need the perfect concrete mix if your project is going to be a success. But is it cheaper to mix your own concrete or should you order a load of ready mix concrete instead? 

With the cost of living increasing and the price of construction materials rising, one of the least expensive ways to get concrete is to mix your own. Reputable home improvement and DIY stores stock and sell bags of concrete mix that you can take home. All you need to do is add some water, give it a good stir and you’re ready to go. However, it is absolutely crucial that you get the ratio right and mix the concrete thoroughly. 

If you are thinking about mixing your own concrete, you might be interested in electric cement mixer hire and hiring cement mixing equipment. But before you hire equipment, ask yourself these questions: How much concrete do I need and how big is the project I am working on? 

If the project you are working on is huge, or you need to have your project finalised by a strict deadline, consider ready mix concrete. Ready mix concrete can be delivered to your site and it is ready to be poured immediately. Choosing ready mix concrete saves vast amounts of time. It won’t necessarily save you money but it is convenient. 

You also need to think about consistency. It is harder to get the consistency of your concrete right if you have to mix each batch individually. If there is a time gap between each batch of concrete that you mix, you might find that the earlier batch of concrete is beginning to set when you pour a fresh batch on top. Therefore, would this have an impact on the structure you are creating? For example, is it load bearing? The last thing you want is structural weakness. It’s not such a big issue if you are laying a patio or driveway but if you are laying foundations then it is worth considering the setting and drying times of your concrete alongside how quickly you can make concrete.

Of course, it is entirely possible to hire more than one cement mixer so that you can mix batches of concrete simultaneously and barrow them to where you want them. easyToolhire has great rates on electric and petrol cement mixer hire, including 240v electric cement mixer hire, and our friendly team can answer all your cement mixer hire questions. 

But have you thought about wastage? Well, if you chose to mix your own concrete and consider electric or petrol cement mixer hire then you have control over the exact amount of concrete that you need to mix. If you only need a small amount, you can mix a small amount, saving time and money and avoiding unnecessary waste. 

Also, have you thought about access to your site? If your site is small or is located in a difficult to reach location, you should look at electric cement mixer hire or 240v electric cement mixer hire. Hiring a cement mixer enables you to work in a tight space. You can use a wheelbarrow to move the concrete to where you need it. 

Mixing your own concrete is a fantastic solution if you require small quantities of concrete. easyToolhire has a range of concrete equipment and tools. For instance, our tip-up concrete and cement mixers are built for durability. They are portable too, so you can move them easily across your site and they come with a barrow height swivel and stand. 

Before you make a decision about which cement mixer you would like to hire, think about your site and where your cement mixer will be used. By considering the amount of concrete you need to make, the finish you require, the size of your site, and access, you can make an informed choice. But rest assured, cement mixer hire is cost effective and making your concrete is easy. 

If you have questions about mixing your own concrete, cement mixer hire prices, or the best cement mixer to hire, talk to a member of the easyToolhire team. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make tool hire easier and we can help you with all your cement mixer hire needs. 

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