Hire A Small Cement Mixer For A Big Impact On Your Next Construction Project

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When it comes to making your construction projects more efficient, using the right machinery (regardless of the size) is always better than manual labour. A small cement mixer will go a long way in making major impacts on your next construction projects. Although it is possible to mix cement or concrete manually, your project can be completed faster and with less stress using a concrete mixer. For concrete mixer hire check our easyToolhire. Here are various ways using a small mixer can have a tremendous impact on your next construction project. 

The Time Factor

Concrete mixers are the best pieces of equipment to have if you want to save time mixing materials during your construction projects. A small mixer typically has a mixer bowl that rotates on a motor to combine materials. There’s also a handle that allows you to pour the concrete with ease once it is thoroughly mixed. This setup makes it easy to combine mixtures in no time while saving a lot of effort as well. 

Every experienced construction worker will tell you that mixing cement and concrete by hand is time-consuming and labour intensive. Once you have a mixer, you can mix materials quickly and channel your energy into other parts of your project. You’ll cut your project time by several days by simply getting a concrete mixer instead of doing everything manually. 


Cement mixers have a plethora of uses, which is why they’re used on a variety of construction projects for solving different problems. The most basic use of this all-important machinery is combining cement with sand or gravel in general concrete projects. However, they can also be used for special concrete mixes such as flowable fill, pervious concrete, roller compacted concrete, shotcrete, and so on.  

Cost Benefits

Everyone knows how costly construction projects can be. It is always capital intensive, no matter the size or scale of your project. Most people ditch heavy machinery for manual labor on their projects just to save costs. Interestingly, hiring a small cement mixer for your project is one of the ways to save money. The alternative would be to hire people to mix manually. However, you’ll end up hiring more employees, and this will cost you more in the long run.

Cement mixer hire has a lot of positive impacts on your construction budget. One more area where you’ll save money when you hire a mixer is on material cost. You’ll get more control, and you can ensure the right amount of materials goes into the machine. 

While the upfront cost of buying machinery is one major reason many people decide not to buy one, you can choose to hire a mixer instead. Unless your plan is to use the mixer for multiple projects, a portable cement mixer hire is the way to go. You can hire the machine for the duration you need and return it once you’re done. 

In addition to reducing your construction budget, saving money also means more cash can be invested in buying quality materials or hiring other machinery that will make your work progress smoothly. In the long run, it’s more than just saving costs on mixing. It cascades into other aspects of your project too.

Health And Safety

There’s a reason health and safety have to be the priority of everyone managing a construction project. Poor health and safety practices take a toll on your workers and consequently affect your project. 

One of the ways to maintain the health of your workers is to ditch any manual tasks that you can and get machines to do the work. Mixing concrete is one of the hardest jobs on any construction site, especially when you have to do it manually. When workers have to mix like this, they put their back and arm muscles through serious strain. This can lead to injuries, muscle pulls, and fatigue. 

Inhaling the materials directly into the lungs and direct contact with concrete can be dangerous to one’s health as well. Healthy working conditions translate into a more productive workforce which is perhaps the biggest advantage of a construction project. 

On-Site Mixing

To cater for the concrete needs of projects, many people make arrangements to have the concrete mixed off site. Then they transport it down to the site. While there is nothing particularly bad with this arrangement, it is a stressful and costly arrangement. It’s also logistics-intensive, and there’s a high possibility of errors that can delay your project. 

One of the advantages of getting a cement mixer on site is that all the materials are where they are supposed to be, and it is much easier to mix them properly and use them right away. Having a cement mixer on site also saves you transportation costs and gives the contractor more control over the project. This, in return, guarantees better results. 

Moreso, using a mixer is neater. It keeps the construction site tidy as opposed to manual handling, which will always get messy no matter what. If you are handling a construction project for a client, a tidy organised site contributes positively to your brand image, saves on cleaning costs, and also ensures work progresses with no hindrances. 


As the name suggests, a small cement mixer is a portable machine. But that takes nothing away from its potential impact on your project. This piece of machinery was created specifically to make construction projects easier. When it is used to its fullest potential, you’re guaranteed better results with a positive impact on your construction project. Whether it is a DIY project or you’re a contractor, consider hiring a Small Cement Mixer for your project today. Check out easyToolhire to see our collection of portable cement mixers suitable for various projects. 

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