Hire The Right Equipment: How Vibrating Wacker Plate Rentals Can Save You Time And Money

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Whether you’re working on a DIY project or running a construction company, getting the right equipment for your project is arguably one of the biggest things you’ll have to worry about. The cost of heavy-duty equipment like excavators, loaders, and so on quickly adds up for any project. For such big and expensive equipment, the choice to rent instead of buy is an obvious one. However, for smaller, inexpensive equipment like vibrating wacker plate compactors, deciding either to buy or hire can be a little more tricky. While buying might seem like a good idea, you’re likely to save more time and money with wacker plate rentals. Here’s why hiring the right equipment is a better idea for your project than buying one. 

The Importance of Soil Compaction 

Compaction is one of the most vital steps in almost every construction project. Whether you’re pouring concrete slab, creating a foundation, or building a retaining wall, the soil on which your structure will go, needs to be compacted for structural longevity. 

Poorly compacted soil often causes structural problems such as leaky walls, cracking foundations, and so on. The right amount of compaction needed to give your structure a solid base varies from one project to the other. It depends on the soil condition, the amount of moisture, and the size of granular materials. These factors also determine the type of vibrating wacker plate to get. This machine delivers low amplitude and high-frequency vibration needed to compact soil materials. 

Hiring a vibrating wacker plate for construction reduces the need to employ manual labour. With the equipment, you will complete your project faster and more effectively. At the same time, it helps you save costs on paying wages and benefits for workers who would have been employed. 

How hiring a vibrating wacker plate can save you time and money

Now that you know just how important compacting the soil with a wacker plate is, should you hire or buy one? While buying might seem like the ideal thing to do, the verdict is more in favour of hiring if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your construction project. Some of the ways renting a wacker plate help you save time and money on your project include: 

No Need to Purchase Equipment

Before you get any piece of equipment, you need to consider the cost of ownership against the cost of renting it. The financial implication of owning a wacker plate goes beyond the upfront cost of buying one. You also have to consider the general operating costs, such as the cost of repairs, maintenance, and storage. These costs can increase over time, and they add up significantly to your bottom line in the long run. 

With wacker plate hire, the rental company is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the rented wacker plate. They will ensure that the plate is in good working condition before they rent it out and will also take care of the repairs or maintenance of any damage that may occur during use. 


One of the good things about renting is that you’re almost spoilt for choice. This option allows you to choose the appropriate size and vibration level of the wacker plate you need for the job. As you should know, compaction needs tend to vary from one project to another. It depends on factors like soil type and the nature of what you’re constructing. So while you can use a single-plate compactor for some projects, you’ll need a heavy-duty compactor for other types of projects. Since it’s not practical to have every single type of compactor in your fleet, renting makes more sense. With this option, you can simply get the plate compactor you need for that specific project. 

No Depreciation

The advantage of renting the vibrating wacker plate is that you do not have to worry about it being devalued over time. With wacker plate rental, you can simply rent the latest model, which can increase productivity and efficiency on the job site. 

Maximise Utilisation

Most construction projects won’t require you to use compaction equipment for several hours every day of the week. For most projects, you’ll only need to compact the soil as a final step before pouring concrete. The implication of this is that the equipment will spend a lot of time sitting idle on the job site until you need it. 

Before you buy a wacker plate, consider the rate of utilisation by analysing your records of usage of this machine in the past year and forecasted projects for the year. If you will not be using a vibrating wacker plate for up to 60 to 70% of your project, then it makes no sense to buy one. You will only be wasting resources that would be better invested in other needs. In this case, hiring the machine is a cheaper and more productive thing to do. 


Hiring the right equipment can be a smart, cost-effective solution for construction and projects. The vibrating wacker plate rental helps you save time and money by providing the required equipment for compacting the soil in readiness for other crucial stages of your project. Since soil compaction is a vital step in most construction projects, you’ll find this equipment valuable. Fortunately, you can get affordable wacker plate hire from construction equipment rental companies like easyToolhire. It’s the easy way to get the piece of machinery you need without having to worry about the costs and logistics of owning one.

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