How dangerous are infrared patio heaters?

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How dangerous are infrared patio heaters? This is a question that easyToolhire gets asked a lot. Many people are concerned about how to operate a patio heater, and have questions about which kind of patio heater to hire. If handled correctly, installed in an appropriate environment and all instructions are followed correctly, infrared patio heaters are safe to hire.

If you are looking for infrared patio heater hire, infrared heater hire near you, or heater hire, look no further. Our short and informative blog on infrared patio heater hire will answer all your heater hire questions.

Infrared patio heaters are great pieces of kit if you would like to keep warm at home, or at work. They are incredibly effective at radiating warmth, they come in a variety of options, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance if you hire them from a reputable tool hire business. 

Patio heaters produce heat in an instant. So, there’s no need to work or entertain in the cold. You do not have to sit and wait for the heater to warm up. This is great news, especially as the days get longer. By hiring a patio heater, you can enjoy your garden for longer periods and entertain guests even when it gets dark.

Such heaters are a great addition to a big event or family gathering, especially if you are entertaining lots of guests, and have a large garden. They heat up quickly, heating up those standing near the heater.

That is the main difference between an infrared patio heater and other heating products. Most other heaters heat the air using convection. Infrared patio heaters heat the air using radiation and so it is a more direct form of heat. 

Patio heaters come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Some are wall-mounted but you can also hire free-standing infrared patio heaters. They are incredibly versatile heaters. They can be powered by electric, gas, or propane. 

Infrared heaters have a bar shaped design that looks like a metal grill. It is a common design feature. The grill is there to protect the user as the heater gets ferociously hot. The heat radiated is great if you require a heater for outside. 

Electric patio heaters don’t give off any fumes. Gas patio heaters do emit some fumes so should not be used indoors. Patio heaters are not dangerous provided all safety instructions are read and followed carefully. If you are looking at heater hire, ensure that the patio heater is not misused and it is installed correctly. If you follow advice and guidance, you can use and enjoy your infrared patio heater safely. 

If you have questions regarding infrared patio heater hire, or heater hire, talk to easyToolhire today. Our friendly team of knowledgeable staff can answer all your heater hire questions. 

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