How many lighting towers do I need for a construction site?

LED Light Tower
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How many lighting towers do I need for a construction site? This is a question that construction professionals often ask our friendly teams at easyToolhire depots across the country. But it’s one of those: “How long is a piece of string?” questions. Many factors come into play. They have an impact on how many lighting towers you need to hire and lighting tower hire pricing too. 

Tower lighting enables you to see what you are doing, greatly increasing safety. On large-scale building projects, including large self-build sites, and construction sites, this is crucial. So, if you are looking for great lighting tower hire or diesel lighting tower hire, then this blog will help you make the right decisions and choices. 

Since the red diesel ban was introduced in April 2022, many construction professionals have been looking for ways to reduce their fuel bills. Construction companies and tradespeople are looking for efficient machines and environmentally friendly products that use less fuel to do the job. 

Eco tower lights run on less fuel. They are a fantastic environmentally friendly option. But you should also be aware that some eco tower lighting options illuminate smaller areas. Diesel lighting tower products can light larger areas. This is an important point if you are trying to work out how many lighting towers you need for your construction site. 

LED lighting towers and solar-powered LED lighting towers are becoming increasingly popular, as the tech used to manufacture lighting towers becomes more advanced. What’s more, more manufacturers are creating LED lighting towers or replacing metal halide lamps with low-energy LED lamps. This is because LED lamps require less power and are, therefore, more fuel efficient. As fuel costs rise, this will save you money.

But whilst your power source is an important point to consider, you need to ask: How big is your site? Before you make a decision about which lighting tower hire product you would like, consider power, the size of your site, and your working environment. Will you be working indoors or outside? 

When it comes to the area that you would like to illuminate, think about mast height. Whilst you might be interested in diesel lighting tower hire and lighting tower hire prices, tower lights have different mast heights so you should be concentrating on this point. Talk to your friendly tool hire company about tower light mast height. Also consider the different lamp configurations on each tower light product. Such factors will have a huge impact on the area that can be illuminated. A tool hire company will be able to tell you the tower lighting specifications that detail the maximum area that can be lit. From such figures, it will be possible to work out how many tower lighting hire products you require. 

Another thing to think about is lamp heads. How many lamp heads does the tower light have? Some newer tower lighting products have four lamp heads. Others have six. More lamp heads, more light. When you consider lighting tower hire, there are two lamp options to choose from – LED lamps or metal halide. If you want all your site to be lit evenly, look for a tower light with metal halide lamps. They take a little bit longer to achieve full illumination, but they are brilliant at lighting a construction site evenly. If you would like a fuel-efficient tower light, LED lamps are a perfect choice. They require less power and provide more focused light. 

Tower lighting specifications will often talk about lumens. A lumen measures the total light being emitted, regardless of direction. Whilst metal halide lamps throw light across a larger surface area, LED lamps offer more directional light. 

Before using a tower light, it is paramount to read all documentation and guidance that is supplied by your tool hire company. Ask them for tower lighting advice and guidance. If you have not used a tower light before, take the time to study the instructions that come with the tower light. If you follow guidance, plan your work, and consider how the tower light will be used, you will always be working safely.

Talk to your friendly tool hire expert about lumens, lamp heads, and mast heights too. If you do, you will choose the right tower lighting hire product and increase productivity on site. This will enable you and your team to finish a project efficiently. 

If you have questions about lighting tower hire, or  diesel lighting tower hire, or would like to inquire about LED lighting hire pricing, talk to a member of the easyToolhire team. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make tool hire easier. 

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