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Tool hire and equipment rental businesses give you instant access to high
quality products that will help you to complete any DIY project in your
home and/or garden. But why is the tool hire price you see on screen not
the price you pay? We explain how to calculate equipment rental rates
When you hire tools and equipment from a reputable tool hire company,
you can be rest assured that the tools you hire will have been quality-
checked by a team of qualified and professional people. Every item of
equipment that is hired is tested to make sure it is up to doing the job that
you want it to do.

Hiring tools and equipment is more cost effective than buying your own
tools, especially if the item you need is only required for one project. You
may think that you only need a particular tool for just one day. However,
have you ever wondered why it is more cost effective to hire a piece of
equipment or a tool for one week?

At easyToolhire, we believe in offering our customers quality and value,
and we also believe in being transparent. That’s why we wanted to explain
how tool hire works and how to calculate equipment rental rates.

It is more cost-effective to hire tools and equipment for more than one
day. Some tool hire companies offer hire rates for one day, two days, the
weekend or one week. It can often take longer than you think to complete
a task. It is more cost effective to hire tools and equipment for one week than it is
for one day. That’s because most tool hire businesses operate on a sliding scale.


Also, check the weather – You have the weekend to work on a DIY project.
You need to hire a cement mixer for one day. But it’s going to rain.
Consider hiring the cement mixer for three days or even a week. It is more
cost effective and gives you plenty of time to complete a job. There’s no
need to rush. You have the tool for one whole week, which is great
because it takes care of any unforeseen circumstances.

Do you have the time to collect the tools you need from the depot? If you
would like tools and equipment delivered to your home or site then you
will need to pay for delivery. Equally, if you do not have the time to return
them, you must pay for collection too.


Reputable tool hire companies will be a member of an industry hire
association. As a result, they will have signed terms and conditions that
guarantee safe working practices. Insurance covers you against any
damages, lost or stolen tools. It protects both you from any accidents or
situations such as theft. Tools can be expensive pieces of equipment to
buy so insurance is a good thing. Insurance is usually charged at between
10 and 15 per cent of the hire fee.

When hiring tools, it is necessary to pay a deposit for the tools you
require. This deposit is refundable and is returned to the customer at the
end of the period of hire, providing that the tool is returned undamaged.
The tool hire company may keep monies if the hirer fails to pay any
additional charges, resulting in loss or damages.

Additional kit
If you have hired a rotavator, do you need fuel? If you have hired a
breaker, do you need a chisel, point or clay spade attachment? If the
heavy-duty breaker you have ordered is too heavy for you to carry, will
you need a trolley to help you to transport it? Fuel, attachments and
trolleys are additional extras. You will be charged more for items such as

We hope this blog explains why when hiring tools, the price you see is not
the price you pay. The extra costs are essential. They are designed to
make life easier. At easyToolhire, we believe in providing customers with a
safe and professional service that enables customers to hire the right tool
for the job.

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