How to Choose the Right Alloy Tower for Your Project: Key Factors to Consider

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Choosing the right alloy tower for your construction project is crucial to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. This blog post will outline the key factors to consider when selecting an alloy tower or scaffold towers, such as the height and weight capacity needed, the level of manoeuvrability required, and the type of access required for the project. Additionally, it will discuss the importance of consulting with experts and following safety regulations when making your selection.

What Is An Alloy Tower?

Alloy towers are a form of lightweight scaffolding system. It is also commonly known as a scaffold or access tower. They can be moved from one location to another easily because they are typically made of aluminium. Scaffolding towers are widely used for projects like drylining, plastering, ceiling electrics, painting and decorating because of their portability. The use of an alloy tower scaffold is among the safest, simplest, and most efficient methods to work at height in small or constrained areas, like stairwells. They can offer a secure and steady platform for working in more demanding conditions, like lift shafts. 

They are modular in design and can frequently be adapted to meet changing height requirements based on your job. They can be single-width structures ranging in size from 2.4 metres to about 9 metres or double-width structures that can rise to greater heights, frequently up to 13 metres.

How to Choose the Right Alloy Tower for Your Project: Key Factors to Consider

Recent data from the 2020 Health and Safety Executive indicates that the top cause of fatalities in the construction sector is fatal falls. If you’re buying or using an alloy tower for hire, it is advised to use reputable and high-quality products because the safety of the workforce cannot be ignored when selecting scaffolding towers. The probability of an avoidable accident increases if the quality of the scaffold tower is poor or if it is not set up correctly by an expert. Before buying or going for alloy tower hire, it is important to thoroughly evaluate these factors: 


In a bid to save money, people often end up renting a low-cost alloy tower that’s usually of poor quality. Choosing a high-quality alloy tower for your construction project is critical for the safety of your site workers and to ensure that your project is completed quickly and efficiently. 

There are many different types of scaffolding towers, each with its own unique specifications. To ensure that the tower scaffold complies with quality standards, run extensive research on the manufacturer of the alloy tower and the specification of the unit. This will help you understand the quality of the construction material. If you choose to rent an alloy structure rather than buy one, make sure it is from a certified scaffold supplier with immense experience and expertise like easyToolhire

Height and weight capacity

Typically, your alloy tower should include clear information from the manufacturer (if you’re buying a new one) or from the rental company (if you’re renting one) for your project. Among the critical information to watch out for is the height of the tower and how much weight it can bear. 

In terms of height, a major factor determining your choice is the type and height of the project you’re working on. Most single scaffold towers are about 1.8m wide and their height may range from 2.2 to 11.7m. You also need to confirm the weight capacity since this determines how much weight you can safely pile on the tower without compromising safety. This information should be readily available regardless of whether you’re renting or buying. 

Location and project needs

Another major factor to consider in choosing an alloy tower is the specific requirements of your construction project. You have to take into account the job being done as well as the skills of the site workers. 

In building and construction projects, moving materials can be a hassle, particularly when it comes to heights. You might think about choosing a tower with a larger platform or hoist system if you are working on a project where you need to move equipment and materials up and down the tower. 

Consider choosing a scaffolding tower with adjustable legs, levelling jacks, or extra braces if the terrain is uneven, sloppy, or high with winds as these conditions can make it difficult to stabilise the tower.


Scaffolding units have varying costs depending on the height, width, and other specifications. Selecting the right alloy tower can be overwhelming, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. Renting a unit from a tool hire company is one of the ways to keep costs down while also ensuring you’re getting the best quality. If you are going to be working on a short-term project or do not have enough funds to buy, renting from an alloy tower hire company is recommended. 

Alloy Tower Selection-Why You Should Talk To Experts 

When it comes to choosing a quality alloy tower, you must ensure it is made of quality materials, meets the height and width requirements for your project, and adheres to applicable scaffold tower safety regulations. These are pieces of information that may not be readily available to someone who isn’t an expert. This is why talking to an expert is always recommended when it comes to choosing an alloy tower. 

Even if you’re a contractor or any other construction professional, there’s a chance you don’t know enough alloy towers. This is why you should speak to the manufacturer or any other type of scaffolding expert before you make a decision. 

At easyToolhire, we have experts available to discuss the details of any construction equipment you want to hire. They’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right equipment for you based on the unique requirement of your project. Explore the range of access towers on the easyToolhire website or check out our handy links below.

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