How to find the right tower light?

LED light tower
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Looking for a tower light? Check out our advice below on the important things to consider when looking for a tower light

If you require lighting that you can move around a site, tower lighting is the perfect solution. Good lighting is essential if you want to ensure visibility. They enable you to see what you are doing and increase safety, especially on construction sites and large self-build projects.

There are a variety of tower lights on the market. They all have their own individual features, such as different mast heights, lamp configurations, fuel/power sources and some are even towable. With a little research, it is easy to find a tower light that suits your individual needs.

Tower lights can be used for a number several different situations, including:

  • On construction sites
  • Night time electrical work
  • Outdoor entertainment venues
  • Car parks
  • Hospitality venues
  • Trade work, after-hours, or in poorly lit areas


Firstly, you need to consider the size of the area that you are trying to light. Is it a car park, a small site, a courtyard, inside a building? The lamp configuration and the tower light’s mast height will affect the maximum area that can be illuminated. You can check the maximum coverage of the tower light in the product specifications. This is important, especially if you want to light a large area that is outdoors. Also check to see how many lamp heads the tower light has. Most new models have four or six. More lamp heads = more light.

Lighting towers offer two lamp options – LED lamps or metal halide. Metal halide lamps take up to five minutes to achieve full illumination and are good at lighting an area evenly. It means that your site/area won’t have light and dark patches.

LED lamps require less power and are more fuel efficient. The LED lamps are brighter and provide more focused and concentrated light. So, if you need to light a specific area on a site, consider using a tower light with LED lamps. 

Power source

Have you thought about how you would like to power your tower light? If cost of hire is an important consideration then it is wise to consider fuel efficiency. easyToolhire stocks both Diesel Tower Lights and Eco Tower Lights, which are an environmentally friendly option that run on less fuel. 

If the environment you are working in gives you access to an electrical power source, you could consider an electric lighting tower. However, it is important to consider that electric tower lights can only illuminate smaller areas. Diesel powered tower lights have the ability to light larger areas. Diesel powered tower lights are great if you are working in a remote location and where access to electricity is limited or non-existent. Also, if you are working in a remote area, consider using a tower light that has low fuel consumption. This will mean less refuelling and will also reduce your environmental footprint. 

Optimum efficiency

easyToolhire has a number of tower lights available to hire. They can be erected with minimum effort and offer optimum efficiency. For example, easyToolhire’s Diesel Tower Light has a hydraulic mast that can be deployed at the touch of a button and the LED light offers 200 hours of run time on one tank of fuel. The mast has a height of 8.5 metres and the lamps can illuminate an area measuring 4,200 square metres. If you need extra illumination, these tower lights are perfect, especially for roadworks, construction sites, site lighting and even outdoor events. 

Increase productivity

Before choosing a tower light, do take time to consider all the variables. Where will the lighting tower be deployed? Consider power supply, the size of your site, whether you are working indoors or outdoors, the required coverage and specific working conditions. If you choose wisely, you will then hire a tower light that will increase productivity and allow you to get your project done.

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