Leveraging Electric Wacker Plate Hire to Accelerate Your Landscaping Project

Electric wacker plate
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Landscaping projects often involve extensive groundwork to create a solid base for your garden structures, walkways, or patios. Although a diesel or petrol-powered wacker plate is a great way to compact the soil because of the sheer power it offers, an electric wacker plate is becoming quite popular as well, especially for smaller-scale landscaping projects. This machine offers a quick, efficient, and eco-friendly way to prepare your landscaping project’s foundation. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of leveraging electric wacker plate hire to accelerate your landscaping projects and get the job done effectively. 

Versatile and Efficient 

Electric wacker plates come in a variety of sizes. Most units are compact and portable. This makes them the perfect choice since most landscaping projects don’t require you to use a heavy-duty machine. In fact, a full-sized petrol-powered compactor might be overkill for a landscaping project in a small area. 

It’s relatively easy to find a portable electric unit for compacting different kinds of materials, including soil, asphalt, paving stones, and so on. Electric wacker plates often feature adjustable settings, allowing users to vary the unit’s settings based on the unique requirements of the projects they’re currently working on. This allows you to get the job done effectively without hiring multiple units for your project. They’re also easier to operate and manage compared to the alternatives. 

Work in Noise-Sensitive Areas 

One of the biggest upsides of using an electric wacker plate is that they are less noisy compared to petrol-powered units. Fuel-powered engines are generally loud, which can be a nuisance when working in residential areas (which is usually the case with most landscaping projects). 

Electric-powered engines don’t make a lot of noise. This means you can operate one in your backyard without disturbing your neighbours, making it the most ideal choice for simple backyard landscaping projects. Electric wacker plates also produce less vibration compared to fuel-powered alternatives. Workers will find this machine a little more comfortable and easier to manage. 

Work Indoors Without Worrying About Fumes 

An electric wacker plate is the preferred choice for indoor projects or compaction work in any confined space. Petrol-powered engines produce a lot of fumes as they burn fuel. The toxic gas produced by this engine as it operates is dangerous to workers and other people around, especially in a confined space where they’ll have to inhale continuously for a long time. 

For any project in a confined area, it’s best to work with an electric unit because it barely produces any fumes. This protects the respiratory health of workers on the site, neighbours, and other people around. 

No Need for Fuel 

To carry out landscaping projects with a traditional petrol-powered wacker plate, you need to buy fuel continuously. This can be inconvenient and also adds to your operating costs in the long term. Electric wacker plates are more convenient and cheaper to use in this regard. As long as you can find a suitable electricity outlet on your site, you’re good to go. 

Some units also come with rechargeable batteries, which means you won’t need to have them plugged in at all times. You can charge the compactor when it isn’t in use and put it to work afterwards. 


By choosing electric wacker plate hire, you’re opting for a hassle-free compaction solution that accelerates your project timeline while being mindful of the environment. Petrol-powered engines release toxic fumes into the environment as they operate. These fumes contain greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane. Not only are these gases toxic to people in the short term, but they’re also dangerous to the environment. 

Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat and they’re the biggest contributor to global warming and climate change. Electric wacker plates don’t produce any exhaust, which makes them an obviously better choice as far as eco-friendly compaction is concerned. You’ll be getting your job done effectively without causing further damage to the environment. 

Save Cost 

Electric wacker plates are generally more expensive than petrol-powered units. Even in terms of wacker plate rental, you’ll probably be charged a higher amount for electric wacker plate hire compared to the alternatives. However, the benefits of opting for an electric unit become more obvious when you think of the potential for long-term cost savings. 

With an electric unit, you don’t have to spend endlessly on fuel to power your unit. Electric wacker plates are also easier to maintain. You’ll spend less on long-term maintenance of the machine and repairing damaged parts is considerably cheaper too. 

Additionally, since the machine is less likely to develop a fault and damages can be fixed on time, there’s barely any risk of costly downtime when you use an electric wacker plate. The compact size of electric units also means you will spend less on storage, transportation, and other extra costs that come with using a plate compactor. 


Numerous rental companies now offer electric wacker plate hire in London. You can easily find one within your budget instead of worrying about the upfront cost of purchasing a unit to get your landscaping projects done. For affordable electric wacker plate hire in London and other cities in the UK, contact easyToolhire. Tell us about your project and we’ll help you find the right equipment to get the job done effectively. Contact easyToolhire to learn more about how electric wacker plates can help accelerate your landscaping project.

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