Mastering Stump Removal: Essential Guide to Tree Stump Grinder Hire in London

Stump removal
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Removing a tree is only one part of a two-step process to reclaim your yard or garden space. Usually, after cutting a tree, there’s a leftover stump left behind in the ground, and getting rid of this can be just as challenging. A tree grinder is an efficient tool that allows you to grind away at a tree stump to get rid of it completely. 

The good part is that you don’t even have to buy one. By simply searching for “tree stump grinder hire near me” you’ll find equipment rental companies in your area offering tree stump grinders for hire. But how do you get, operate, and maximise your tree stump grinder? In this article, we’ll explore the vital steps to renting and using a tree stump grinder for stump removal. 

Selecting the Best Tree Stump Grinder Hire Service

Before you even start looking for a tree stump grinder rental service near you, you need to assess the tree stump you’re trying to remove. Stump grinders come in different sizes, with unique settings and configurations. The right one to get depends on factors like:

The Size of the Stump

Stump grinders are generally more effective for larger stumps. For stumps that are less than 4 inches in diameter, you may consider other easier and less costly alternatives. The exact size of the stump will determine the type of stump grinder to get. For instance, a simple handlebar stump grinder can be used to grind a very wide stump, but using a larger wheeled or tracked unit might be faster and more convenient for this type of task. 

The Location

The terrain of the area around the trump is important when you’re considering the type of grinder to get. If you’re working in a sloped area, for instance, a tracked stump grinder might be a better alternative to a wheeled unit. Similarly, a handheld grinder is preferable for tight conditions where you have limited space to manoeuvre. 

Type of Tree 

You also have to consider the type of tree the stump came from. For instance, while you’ll need a high-power grinder for a hardwood stump, it might be overkill for a softwood stump that could have been easily handled with a hand-guided stump grinder.

You can start looking for the best stump grinder rental service based on this information. Equipment rental companies like easyToolhire offer different types of stump grinders hire London. You can ask questions about the size, power, and type of the grinder and also get more information on how to properly handle or use the grinder.

Operating a Tree Stump Grinder

A stump grinder consists of a sharp rotating blade that grinds the tree stump into wood chips and shavings as you move it back and forth over the stump. Usually, the exact process for operating the tree stump grinder you hire will be outlined in the user manual. You should study this manual to get familiar with how the unit works and how to operate it safely. 

Generally, you start grinding the stump by positioning the grinder near the tree stump. Ensure that you have a stable base and hold the grinder handle securely. Using the controls, adjust the grinder settings to the right depth, height, and angle for the cutting wheel. 

Next, turn on the machine and lower the cutting wheel onto the stump. Gradually move the wheel from side to side as it grinds away the wood. Continue this process until you’ve ground the stump several inches below ground level. 

Remove the wood chips or debris as you work to keep them from clogging the grinder. When the stump is at the desired depth, fill up the hole with soil, remove the wood chips or debris, and tamp it down.

Tips for Using a Tree Stump Grinder Effectively

A tree stump grinder is relatively easy to use. However, there are some tips to keep in mind to maximise your tree stump grinder hire. Here are a few of them: 

Get the Right Grinder

As explained earlier, getting the right type of grinder is the first step in ensuring the efficiency of your stump grinding process. You can ask the rental company you’re working with for help with choosing the right grinder for the specific task you have at hand. 

Don’t Rush 

The tree stump grinder is a heavy-duty machine with sharp-toothed wheels. You want to be as careful as possible when handling it. Don’t rush it! Grind the stump slowly, passing over the stump in layers until it’s at the desired depth. 

Handle Properly 

Whether you’re working with a handheld grinder or a bigger wheeled or tracked unit, you need to maintain a good grip on the handle at all times. Use both hands and keep your fingers at a good distance from the cutting wheels at all times. 

Monitor Depth

The tree stump grinder can be set to a specific depth during operation. Keep your eye on the depth gauge as you work with the grinder and adjust as necessary. 

Wear Protective Gear

When grinding up a stump, protect yourself with the appropriate equipment, including safety goggles, a helmet, steel-toed boots, and gloves.


Stump grinders are not so difficult to use. As long as you have the physical strength to handle one and know how to operate the controls, you should be able to get rid of the stubborn stump in your yard successfully. Contact easyToolhire to hire a tree stump grinder in London or anywhere else in the UK. 

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