Maximising Your Investment: How to Reduce Mini Digger Hire Costs Per Day

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If you’re looking to hire a mini digger, you’re probably concerned about the cost. In this article, we’ll share tips and tricks for reducing the mini digger hire cost per day, so you can get the most out of your investment.

Comparing Quotes

To ensure you’re getting the best prices for mini digger hire, do a quick search for “mini digger hire cost near me” and then compare quotes from different companies that pop up in your search. Some rental companies charge a fixed rate while others charge per usage period. 

In other cases, rental fees for the equipment on weekends may differ from the normal weekday rate. You should also bear in mind that there may be some additional costs for digging accessories such as augers and buckets. Consider all these factors and go with companies that offer you the best value for your budget. 


How close or far away your equipment supplier is can also determine mini digger hire costs. An equipment rental service further away implies that you will spend more on delivery costs. For example, some companies charge every 10 miles for their delivery fee. 

Your best option is to take your time and carefully research. Search for things like “mini digger hire costs near me” to find out how much you’re likely to pay on average in your location.

Choosing a supplier that is as close to you as possible to save more money especially if you are on a budget. Alternatively, you can go for a supplier with multiple service points around your location for more flexible delivery options.

Select The Right Size For The Job

When it comes to reducing mini digger hire costs per day, it is crucial to hire the right size of equipment. Not only does this help to reduce cost, but it also helps the efficiency of your project. A large mini digger often means a higher rental charge. Conversely, if the digger is too small for the intended project, it makes work inefficient.

This also drives the cost up since more time will be wasted on the task than necessary. You are also at more risk of damaging the rented equipment if it is not the right size for your project. You should consult a specialist when you are in doubt about how much of a perfect fit a mini digger will be for your project.

Long-Term Use Can Save You Money

Usually, mini diggers’ hire rates come with discounts for long-term use and repeat clients. This is especially beneficial to you as a construction business owner. Sticking to a particular mini digger rental company can save you extra money, time, and stress. 

Return the Mini Digger Clean

This is one of the subtle aspects of your rental contract that may cost you more money. Since diggers often require cleaning and decontamination so that they can be safe to use for the next client and this process may take several hours, some rental companies charge an extra fee for it.

You can save money by opting to clean the equipment yourself after use. This way you won’t have to pay for the extra cleaning cost. Depending on the company you rent your mini digger from, you may be saving a substantial amount of money when you off-hire the equipment as clean as you get it to be. 

Avoid Damaging the Equipment

It is a well-known fact that you have to cover damages if the equipment you hire gets damaged during use, especially when the damage was caused by mishandling on your part rather than normal wear and tear. 

This is why some companies take pictures of the equipment right before it gets delivered to you to document that you received it in good condition. Some companies also charge an extra fee for damages which is voided if the equipment is returned in good condition. 

Although accidents sometimes happen no matter how careful you are, it is best to avoid damaging the mini digger you hire. By returning it in good condition, you save cost on damages.  

To avoid issues relating to damages, you should confirm the state of the digger when it is delivered to you before you operate it. Apart from the fact that this damage may cost a fortune to fix, a damaged digger may also pose a safety risk to you as an operator and may delay your work.


How much you’ll spend on mini digger hire depends on its type, size, location, and other factors. The cost of hiring a mini digger also varies depending on the rental period. Regardless of this factor, mini digger hire is almost always a cheaper option than purchasing a brand-new one upfront. Following the recommendations above will also help you maximise your budget and save you additional expenses on daily mini digger hire. 

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