Pro Insights: Advantages of Mini Digger Hire for Small Projects 

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Mini diggers are the scaled-down version of full-sized excavators. But that does not take anything away from them in terms of efficiency and versatility on construction and landscaping projects. If anything, their compact size makes them ideal for certain types of projects. Hiring mini diggers for small-scale projects saves you costs and guarantees better outcomes compared to using a full-sized machine.   

To put it simply, there are some types of projects where a compact excavator is your best choice. From simple landscaping projects in your yard, working in tight spaces, or even completing simple tasks on a construction site with very tight access projects, you’ll be better off hiring a mini digger for these types of projects. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of hiring mini diggers for small projects and why it’s a good idea to get one for your project. 

Compact Size

Mini diggers are compact, and that’s a good thing for small projects. We’re assuming you’re working in a tight space or confined area where large excavators will struggle to access. The benefits of using a compact digger in this type of situation are obvious. The small footprint of this machinery makes it perfect for this type of situation. Whether you need a machine that can fit through a doorway without having to pull it down, doing a backyard innovation, or want to dig a trench in your garden, a mini digger works perfectly in such situations. It can manoeuvre effortlessly in tight spaces with very minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.


Don’t let their size fool you! Mini diggers are just as versatile as full-sized alternatives, and they’re good for a wide range of projects. Portable excavators also allow multiple attachments like different bucket sizes, breakers, augers, and grapples. Adding these attachments to your compact excavators makes them useful for handling everything from digging to trenching, lifting, or demolishing effectively. 

With the ability to switch between attachments, your mini digger can be used to handle multiple aspects of your projects without the need for multiple machines. Mini excavators also come in a range of sizes, ranging from as low as 1 tonne to 8 tonnes, so you can easily pick the most ideal size for your project. They can be either wheeled or tracked and have different features to ensure power, performance, and safety. 

Time and Labour Efficiency

Most people assume that smaller machinery carries less power compared to the full-sized version. This might imply that getting a mini digger means sacrificing efficiency for convenience. But this isn’t the case. Despite being portable, mini diggers are designed to help users maximise efficiency and productivity. 

The engines in these machines are just as powerful as the ones on regular excavators.  Modern mini diggers feature advanced hydraulic systems that allow them to operate smoothly. Their compact size provides precise control, so operators can handle delicate tasks more effectively compared to their bulkier alternatives. 

By hiring this type of digger, you can reduce the time and labour needed to complete your small project and get things done on schedule. 


Expectedly, the upfront cost of renting a mini digger is lower than the cost of getting a full-sized unit. You’ll also spend less on storage and transportation to and from your job site. 

The operating cost of running a mini digger is also quite low. Full-sized units burn through a substantial amount of fuel daily compared to mini excavators. And if the excavator breaks down on the site, a mini excavator is easier and cheaper to fix. 

So renting a mini digger will also be a cost-effective option for a small-scale project. Some rental companies may also offer flexible rental options and discounts depending on the duration of your project. 

Ease of Use

Operating a mini digger does not require extensive training or experience. You just need to get familiar with the controls, and since the machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind, the controls are typically easy to master. 

You’ll find a mini digger easy to use, whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re a beginner. Most mini diggers come with intuitive controls and ergonomic seating, ensuring comfortable operation throughout the day. 

Rental companies often provide basic training and instructions on how to operate the machine safely. With a little practice, you can quickly become proficient in operating a mini digger and complete your small project efficiently. 

Alternatively, you can request a professional operator from the equipment rental company you’re getting the mini digger from. 

Reduced Environmental Impact

Mini diggers are more environmentally friendly compared to larger machinery. Their smaller size and reduced weight result in lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Most advanced mini diggers are equipped with advanced technology that dampens the sound produced by the machine, minimizing noise pollution. This makes them particularly suitable for small-scale projects in urban areas and simple residential DIY projects. 

Mini excavators also cause very little worksite damage. They weigh less than full-sized alternatives and are generally easier to manoeuvre around the worksite without damaging the turf or other structures around. So when you need to simply dig a trench in your backyard without messing with the rest of your lawn, garden beds, or driveway, you should consider getting a mini digger. 


Whether you are a contractor or an individual planning to do a small DIY project, renting a mini digger can help you achieve your goals efficiently and at a lower cost. Consider getting a mini digger from easyToolhire for your next project, it’s a smarter, cheaper, and less cumbersome choice!

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