Rent, Don’t Buy: The Advantages Of Vibrating Wacker Plate Hire For Construction Equipment 

Vibrating Wacker Plate
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Vibrating wacker plates are used to compact soil to create a solid foundation or surface for the structural longevity of your construction. They are also commonly known as compaction plates or plate compactors. This piece of equipment comes in handy for paving and landscaping projects. They can also be used to create a solid base for driveways, patios, and garden sheds. 

As with all construction equipment, you’ll have to decide whether to buy or hire a plate compactor. The best financial decision a company can make is one that brings the greatest return on investment without affecting project outcomes. With this in mind, we’ll make a case to explain why vibrating wacker plate hire is better than buying one. 

Rental Is Cheaper 

Purchasing new construction equipment can be very capital-intensive. Wacker plates are no exception. While they’re not as costly as heavy-duty compaction equipment like rollers, buying a plate compactor is still a significant investment. Not a lot of people can afford the upfront cost of owning one, which is why hiring makes absolute sense.  

Even if you can afford to purchase a vibrating wacker plate, isn’t it better to invest your financial resources in a much cheaper and equally effective alternative? It costs less to hire a plate compactor whenever you need it. It saves you from incurring unnecessary expenses and avoidable debts. By hiring, you only have to pay for the period of use. Some rental companies charge per hour, while some charge per day. Regardless of the rental method, you’ll save costs in the long run when you go with the rental option.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Almost all construction equipment requires proper maintenance for durability and proper functioning. When you buy a wacker plate, you have to think beyond the upfront cost of your purchase. Your total expenditure also includes the maintenance cost as you use the machinery. 

For someone who purchases the instrument for personal DIY use, maintenance of construction equipment like the wacker plate can be quite challenging. You probably own a lot of items that need regular maintenance already, and you have very little knowledge of how to maintain them on your own. This would mean having to pay professionals to make sure your equipment remains functional. 

The financial implications may even become greater on occasions when the piece of machinery gets damaged and needs to be repaired. The maintenance fees associated with vibrating wacker plate hire are cheaper and more manageable. 


Contractors need to consider the rate of use before purchasing any new equipment. Unlike the more widely used construction equipment like a digger, excavator, or bulldozer, the vibrating wacker plate may not be used that often. You may end up spending more on repair and maintenance of the equipment just lies around redundant. 

You should have at least a 70 percent utilisation rate before you purchase new machinery. If, after careful evaluation of previous seasonal contracts, forecasted or potential projects, you cannot guarantee a 70% utilisation rate for your wacker plate, it is best you hire one instead. Anything less than this rate implies that the cost of ownership outweighs the profit you’re likely to make from using it. 

No Storage Issues

One of the problems that come with the purchase of new construction equipment is where to keep it. You need to create the right amount of space and optimal conditions to protect the machinery from rapid depreciation. 

Storing your new machinery gets even more complicated if you have purchased it for personal use. You’ll need a storage area out of reach from children and pets. Even if you have space in your garage already, you’ll need to create room for a new machine you may not use often. 

For a construction company, buying a new unit may mean more cost to set up a storage facility with the right conditions. This could also mean extra insurance and security expenses. Hiring construction equipment saves you from all these cost overheads and stress. Since the hire duration is relatively short and temporary, you don’t need to worry about storage or the maintenance and security of the storage area.

Avoid Depreciation And Market Fluctuation

When it comes to machinery, depreciation is inevitable. The older your plate compactor gets, the more the value reduces and the harder it is to recover the initial cost of purchase. Market forces also come to play. The unpredictable rise and fall in the price of your construction equipment are always beyond your control. This is rarely a good thing since the second-hand value of your equipment will most likely be far less than the initial cost price. Vibrating wacker plate hire makes it easier to cope with the challenges and disruption that accompany depreciation and market fluctuation. 

Always Get The Right Equipment For The Job

Unless you’re willing to splash a fortune on wacker plates, you can only get one type of compactor at once. However, these compactors come in various brands, models, and capacities. Some are more suited for indoor uses, while others are best used in open spaces. 

First, you need to be sure that a vibrating wacker plate is exactly what you need for your project. When you decide to hire a plate compactor from a reputable construction hire company, you have access to different compactors. Hire companies like easyToolhire have trained staff that will help you pick out the model type that will work most efficiently for your project. 

With the rate of technological advancements, a piece of machinery you purchase today may become obsolete faster than you can imagine. Even if you decide to keep your old model, you’ll be missing out on the latest features on new models of the machinery. This may turn out to be more of a disadvantage in a competitive industry like construction. Newer models have features that will make work easier, safer, and faster. 

Every time you show up for a project with the latest construction equipment, you build a positive reputation for your company. With hired equipment, you can always have access to the best and the latest equipment without spending on a new machine every time. 


The best construction companies leverage equipment rentals for optimum profitability. You can even get better deals when you partner with the right construction equipment hire companies. This is your best bet if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, anxiety, and avoidable overhead costs. Contact easyToolhire to find out more about vibrating wacker plate hire or get any other construction equipment you need. 

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