Should I hire a backhoe or a mini excavator?

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If you are carrying out construction work, you will need a range of plant and heavy machinery. But do you need a mini excavator, or do you need a backhoe, for example? There is a lot of choice on the market and lots of machines will do similar things, but you need the right one for your project. Ask yourself: Should I hire a backhoe or mini excavator? Read on and our blog will help you to decide…

Should I hire a backhoe, or should I hire a mini excavator? There are many similarities between a backhoe and an excavator, and there are also many differences.

A backhoe is a large machine comprised of a standard tractor base. The base supports a digging bucket, which is on the end of a two-part arm. On the opposite side of the backhoe, you will often find a front loader attachment. The operator will be able to swivel around in their seat so that they can either use the backhoe or the loader. These pieces of equipment are often referred to as backhoe loaders.

An excavator or digger features a digging bucket, chassis, and a boom but it can either have wheels or tracks. This is great, as you can hire an excavator that is more suited to your site and project. Excavators can handle heavier tasks.

One of the big differences between a backhoe and an excavator is size. Excavators come in a range of sizes, so you can hire a mini excavator, a small excavator or even a large one. Excavators to tend to be larger and heavier pieces of machinery. A backhoe is a smaller piece of equipment and is also more adaptable. A backhoe can be used to clear snow, for instance, and can be used on farmland. But backhoes are also great for medium-sized construction projects.

Mini excavators, large diggers, and backhoes come with a wide range of attachments that enable you to complete a multitude of tasks. If you are looking for backhoe hire, backhoes do have more attachments, which is what makes them so versatile.

Another thing to consider is rotation and reach. If you would like to access a greater area/space, an excavator has a larger reach. The operator can rotate an excavator’s chassis and arm full circle. A backhoe has a limited reach and can only pivot roughly 200 degrees. If you are looking for backhoe hire or excavator hire, then it is important to consider access and manoeuvrability.

What should I use a backhoe for?

  • Digging trenches
  • Moving rubble
  • Levelling surfaces
  • Small demolition projects
  • Breaking up pavements
  • Landscaping

What should I use an excavator for?

  • Large demolition projects – for small demolition projects, consider mini excavator hire
  • Digging large holes, trenches, and foundations
  • Lifting large objects
  • Move soil, gravel, and spoil
  • Forestry work
  • Material handling
  • Dredging
  • Excavators come with a wide variety of attachments, ideal for hammering and compacting

Mini excavators are great for smaller projects, but if you are still unsure as to whether to hire an excavator or backhoe, consider your site’s terrain. Typically, a mini excavator has tracks rather than wheels. This makes it easy to cross uneven ground. A backhoe has wheels, so that operators can drive them on the road. This is perfect if you must move from one site to another, and you need to move between projects. If you are considering mini excavator hire then you will also need to consider transportation, as an excavator will need to be loaded up on to transport and delivered to site. This will take extra time.

Still in doubt? easyToolhire’s friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer any questions. They are fully-trained and best-placed to answer your questions regarding backhoe hire and mini excavator hire, for example, and can talk to you about the differences between backhoe loaders and excavators.

Reach out to the team today. It is our mission to make equipment rental easy and hassle-free.

Image: Peter Dargatz

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