Streamlining Your Construction: The Role of Concrete Mixer Hire

Cement mixer hire
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Mixing concrete is a difficult task. It’s one of the most challenging steps on a long list of tough work you’ll have to do on a construction project. To mix concrete for your project, you can either hire relatively fit and strong workers to handle this task or simply use a concrete mixer. The latter option (getting a concrete mixer) can help streamline your construction process and achieve better results. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of concrete mixer hire and how using this machine strategically for various construction scenarios can help streamline the entire construction process and achieve the best results on your project. 

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How Concrete Mixers Can Streamline Your Construction Process?

Getting a concrete mixer for your construction process can be costly. While renting is generally cheaper than buying a new unit, you’ll still need to spend some money on rental costs. But no matter how much you spend to get a concrete mixer, it pays off in the long run in terms of how well it streamlines your process and helps you achieve great results. Here are some of the benefits of concrete mixer hire for your construction project. 

Efficiency and speed

With a concrete mixer, you can get a consistent, high-quality concrete mix in a fraction of the time it’ll take workers to mix it by hand. Speed is important when mixing concrete because the concrete tends to set quickly. If it isn’t done fast enough, it may start to set even before you apply it. A slow process will also delay other stages of your project. Using concrete mixers results in faster project completion and lower labour costs. 

Reduced labour

Using a machine to mix concrete reduces manual labour on your site. It frees up workers on the site to concentrate on other things apart from focusing solely on mixing concrete. With a mixer, the operator simply has to measure the appropriate amount of materials and watch the machine go to work. No need for manual, back-breaking labour and keeping a large crew on-site to get work done. 

Consistent quality

When mixing concrete, you don’t just want to do it quickly, the results should also be consistent. Otherwise, you risk compromising the strength and integrity of your mix. It’s hard to achieve such consistent results when you have to mix with shovels by hand. Even the best manual mixers will have a hard time keeping up and delivering consistent results each time. With a mixer, you can always be sure you’ll get a uniform mix each time. The repetitive action of the mixer helps to break down cement particles while ensuring a complete dispersion of the mixture before you pour it. 

It’s safer

Breathing in cement dust can be hazardous to a construction worker’s health. While workers tend to wear protective gear, they’ll still end up inhaling some dust while working manually. A good cement mixer will reduce the amount of dust in the air and overall contact with the concrete mix. This means your site will be significantly safer when you use a machine compared to having them handle the work manually.  

It’ll make your site neater

If you want a neat and organised construction site, then you should consider mixing with a cement mixer instead of doing so manually on the ground. The fact that you’re mixing concrete does not mean your site has to be messy. With a cement mixer, you simply put the cement and other ingredients into the mixer drum and watch it get to work. This eliminates stress and makes your site more organised. Workers will feel better and find it easier to move around the site when everything is kept clean and organised this way. 

Potential Uses of a Concrete Mixer On a Construction Site 

A cement mixer is a versatile equipment. It can be used for different tasks at various stages of your construction project. Concrete mixer hire can be strategically beneficial because this single machine can serve useful purposes at different stages of your project. Some of the potential uses of a concrete mixer include: 

Foundations and footings

A consistent cement mix is needed to create a strong foundation for your structure. Concrete foundation mixing is one of the most laborious tasks on a construction site, especially for large buildings. You can save labour and time on this stage of your project by getting it done with a mixer. 

Slabs and pavements

Slabs and pavements for driveways, walkways or patios need lots of concrete. Using a cement mixer for this can help achieve a smooth and precise mixing that looks good and holds up for years. 

Bricklaying and blockwork 

You may also use a cement mixer to mix mortar for bricklaying and blockwork. While it is lighter work compared to other tasks like concrete mixing for foundation work, mixing mortar with a mixer prevents delays while ensuring consistent quality.

Landscaping and decorative features

Are you building a planter, retaining wall and other concrete hardscaping elements for your outdoor space? Using a concrete mixer can speed up the process and help achieve fine results. 

Renovations and repairs

Concrete mixers can be used to tackle both small-scale and large-scale renovation or repair jobs. Since this type of project often requires mixing just a small amount of concrete, you can make do with a portable mixer. 


The role of cement mixer in streamlining construction projects cannot be overemphasised. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much money to get a quality mixer for your project. With cement mixer hire from reliable rental companies like easyToolhire, you can get the machine you need at an affordable cost. Do you have any questions about cement mixer hire in the UK? Call us now and we’ll get you all the help you need. 

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