The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Daily Scissor Lift Hire in the UK

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When running a construction business or working on a personal project, you have to do a cost-benefit analysis for every piece of equipment you intend to hire. The goal of every project is to save costs while ensuring effectiveness and smooth operation. This applies to scissor lift hire too.  

For projects that require aerial access, you have to determine if owning or renting a scissor lift would be a cost-effective decision for you. In this article, we’ll do a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of daily scissor lift hire in the UK. We’ll examine the financial implications of renting this equipment and the likely benefits you’ll enjoy from doing so, depending on the size and scale of your project. 

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Costs Associated with Scissor Lift Hire

The exact cost of renting a scissor lift depends on various factors. Primarily, vendors consider the lift height, size, type of lift, and rental duration to determine the actual rental cost for the equipment. In addition to the cost of the equipment itself, additional costs may also apply depending on rental conditions. These costs are highlighted below: 

Daily Rental Cost

As mentioned above, the rental company will set a rental cost for a scissor lift based on the type of lift, size, elevation height, and how it is powered. Generally, larger or more specialised scissor lifts are likely to be more expensive compared to smaller ones. Daily rental costs for scissor lifts in the UK range from £60 to £100 or more, depending on the lift’s specifications and features.

Delivery and Pickup Fees

Most rental companies will handle deliveries but will charge an extra cost for this service. The cost of delivering and picking up a scissor lift depends mainly on the size of the equipment and the distance between the project site and the company’s location. 

Fuel or Power Costs

In working out the true cost of operating a scissor lift, you also have to consider the cost of fuel or power, as the case may be. Diesel or electricity costs generally vary for different locations. The duration of use will also influence the cost of running this machine.

Cost of Hiring or Training an Operator

While scissor lifts are easy to operate, you may still need to hire a certified operator or train your in-house operator. In some cases, you have to factor in the cost of hiring or training the operator when calculating the cost of a scissor lift. 

Benefits of Scissor Lift Hire

Working out the cost is only half of the equation. For a comprehensive analysis, you need to also consider the benefits of hiring a scissor lift compared to alternatives. Some of these benefits include: 

Cheaper to Rent Than to Buy 

For businesses that cannot afford the upfront cost of buying a scissor lift, renting is a cheaper alternative. Rental companies allow you to pay daily for the duration of your project. So instead of spending several thousand pounds on buying a unit, you can get a good quality lift that works efficiently for your project needs for less than a hundred pounds. 


Hiring a scissor lift provides flexibility. You get to choose the most suitable type and size of scissor lift for each job you’re working on. Full ownership requires full commitment and you may have to purchase multiple lifts for different use cases. For instance, while a diesel-powered lift will work for outdoor projects, you’ll need an electric scissor lift hire for indoor projects because it’s safer. With rentals, you can get whatever you need, anytime you need it at a very low cost. 

Maintenance and Repairs

With scissor lift hire, the cost of maintenance and repairs is on the rental company. This reduces the burden on your business compared to owning the lift and managing maintenance on your own. Scissor lift hire also helps you avoid the depreciation costs associated with owning machinery. 

Get the Best and Most Up-To-Date Equipment

Rental companies often update their fleets with the latest models, and that’s a good thing for contractors and construction companies, especially from a cost-benefit perspective. You get access to the best and most up-to-date equipment while also saving money. 

Cost Savings for Infrequent Use

If you intend to get a scissor lift for one-time use or occasional projects, hiring instead of buying makes more economic sense. You only need to hire the scissor lift for the duration of your project. This keeps it from sitting idle for long periods, which is one of the main downsides of buying. 

Cost Considerations of Scissor Lift HIre for Different Project Scales

Small Projects/Businesses

For small projects meant to last for just a few days or small businesses that do occasional elevated work, hiring a scissor lift makes financial sense. You get to avoid the high upfront cost of buying a machine and the ongoing maintenance cost of running it. 

Medium-Sized Projects/Businesses

Medium-sized projects and businesses can benefit from the flexibility of hiring a scissor lift for their project. The lower rental cost allows them to get the specific type and size of scissor lift they need based on the unique requirements of each project. 

Large Projects/Enterprises

Buying a scissor lift is often recommended for complex projects or large construction businesses with a high frequency of usage. However, it may also make financial sense to opt for rentals due to the reduced long-term cost and the flexibility of getting the right equipment for every project.


By doing a cost-benefit analysis of scissor lift hire, it’s easy to see why renting a scissor lift can be beneficial to your project from a financial perspective. More importantly, partnering with a reliable equipment rental company like easyToolhire can help save costs while ensuring your project progresses smoothly with no issues. Contact us now to get a scissor lift and other cost-saving equipment for your next project. 

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