The Role of a Hired Scissor Lift in a Sustainable Construction Project

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Sustainable practices have become an increasingly important aspect of conversations in the modern construction industry. As the world continues to put measures in place to adopt eco-friendly practices and reduce carbon emissions, there’s a growing need for construction companies to seek innovative solutions that align with these goals.

A critical way to minimise the environmental impact of your project is to consider sustainability in the types of equipment you use. Hiring a scissor lift for your projects is one of the ways you can promote sustainability on your work site. In this article, we’ll explain how getting a scissor lift hire near you can make your project a lot more environmentally friendly than it currently is. 

What Is a Scissor Lift and How Does It Contribute to Sustainability? 

A scissor lift is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform raised or lowered vertically using linked folding support. The mechanism that raises or lowers the work platform of a scissor lift has a crisscrossing design that looks like a scissor, hence the name. 

A scissor lift is a versatile piece of equipment useful for accessing elevated work areas. Traditionally, scissor lifts were powered by diesel or gasoline engines, which contribute to air and noise pollution on construction sites. 

These days, the development of electric scissors has revolutionised construction, paving the way for greater sustainability on job sites. The following are some of the ways hiring a scissor lift is recommended over the alternatives as far as sustainability is concerned. 

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

This applies more specifically to electric scissor lift hire. Construction companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint will find an electric scissor lift a cleaner alternative to fuel-powered aerial access equipment. 

Electric scissor lifts produce zero emissions, resulting in cleaner air quality on the construction site and in the surrounding environment. This aligns perfectly with one of the key sustainability goals, which is to make your construction process a lot more eco-friendly. 

Reduced Noise Pollution

One of the major downsides of traditional construction equipment is that they often generate a lot of noise, causing disturbances in the surrounding area. This is an even bigger problem when you’re working on residential projects where people are already living around. 

Most modern scissor lifts are designed to solve this problem. Thanks to their electric-powered systems and specific noise-damping features, scissors lift tends to operate quietly. This creates a work site that is more pleasant for workers and also minimises environmental disturbances. 

Efficient Material Handling

Efficient material handling is another important sustainability goal of every construction project. You want to use equipment that allows you to cut down wastage and optimise how you manage resources. Scissor lift helps you do this with relative ease. 

By providing a stable work platform for transporting materials vertically, the scissor lift helps construction workers work at higher levels, eliminating the need for excessive manual labour and the possible wastage that comes from it. They come in different sizes and can be adjusted based on the specific needs of your project. 

Scissor Lifts Are Flexible And Adaptable

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial aspects of sustainable construction practices. Hired scissor lifts are versatile both in terms of horizontal mobility and vertical access, allowing construction workers to access elevated heights while moving from one part of the construction site to the other with ease. 

With ladders or makeshift scaffolding, access is limited to a specific height, and moving from one part of your site to the other will require you to break down and reconstruct the scaffolding as needed. Scissors lift optimises efficiency and productivity on your site. 

By efficiently utilising a scissor lift for your construction project, you also get to maximise resource usage and keep your project on schedule. The environmental impact of your project increases as you spend more time on it. The optimal access provided by a scissor lift ensures that your project progresses on schedule with no issues. 

Extended Equipment Lifespan 

When construction companies choose to hire scissor lifts instead of purchasing them outright, they benefit from the extended lifespan of the equipment. 

One of the ways to attain sustainability across the construction industry is to get multiple companies to reuse the same equipment instead of each one of them buying their unit. This practice reduces the need for new equipment purchases, which helps conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new machinery.

This is referred to as the circular economy. Traditionally, construction equipment is manufactured, purchased, used, and thrown away by individual companies. This one-directional use promotes wastage and has detrimental environmental impacts. In a circular economy, construction equipment is made, purchased, shared, or rented by multiple companies and refurbished to be shared again. 

With equipment hire, you only rent the machine you need when it is necessary and return it to the equipment rental company. This is better than buying a new unit for one-time use and leaving it to rot with disuse.


The points above demonstrate the importance of scissors lift hire in promoting sustainability in construction projects. If you have a project coming up that requires access to elevated areas, you can explore these benefits by opting for equipment hire from a reliable rental company like easyToolhire. Contact us now to learn more about the numerous benefits of hiring a scissor lift and other equipment for your project.

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