Top 10 Tips for Scissor Lift Hiring During Home Renovations for DIY Projects

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Home renovations can be exciting, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast. Of course, you must also have all the right equipment if you want your renovation project to be carried out correctly and on schedule. The scissor lift is one important piece of equipment you’ll need for your home renovation projects, especially if you need access to high areas. 

If your home renovation involves working on the ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas, then you have to consider scissor lift hire Birmingham. It’s a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to ladders and other aerial access equipment. The following are some of the top tips to consider for scissor lift hire for your DIY home renovation projects. 

Determine Your Needs

The first step in every Do-It-Yourself project is to figure out how much work there is, and what you’ll need to get the job done. For projects requiring aerial access, you’ll need to evaluate factors like: 

  • The maximum height you’ll be working
  • How much load your hired scissor lift will carry
  • The number of personnel
  • The nature of the terrain, and so on. 

Assessing your needs this way will help you determine all the equipment you should get for the job, so you can plan your project accordingly.  

Choose the Right Type of Scissor Lift

During DIY projects, most people don’t care about getting the right tool for the job. They simply improvise with other similar tools and equipment. But for aerial access, it helps if you get it right for your own safety and the efficiency of your projects. 

Scissor lifts vary in size, how they’re operated, and what powers them. For indoor projects, you’ll do better with electric scissor lift hire since they’re safer and better suited for indoor spaces. But if you’re working outdoors, you can get a diesel or rough terrain model designed for more challenging conditions. Basically, the right type of scissor lift depends on the specific requirements of your project. 

Plan Your Work

Because DIY projects are small-scale, planning before you start might seem like a waste of time. But planning your project, regardless of how small it seems, helps you save time and complete it more efficiently. This is even more important when hiring renovation equipment like scissor lifts. Planning will help you maximise scissor lift usage and reduce the risk of downtime. 

Budget Wisely

Like other heavy-duty construction and renovation equipment, scissor lifts don’t come cheap. Figuring out how much you’ll spend on scissor lift hire is part of proper planning for your project. This depends on the overall duration of your project and the average scissor lift hire cost per day or scissor lift hire cost per week in your area. 

Ask equipment rental companies around you for quotes and compare them to find the best one. You should also consider their terms of use, cost of transportation, and additional fees. Go for a rental company that offers a competitive price and excellent service.

Consider Height Restrictions

Some residential areas in Birmingham and other parts of the UK have height restrictions or zoning regulations that may affect scissor lift usage. Be sure to check these regulations before you go ahead with your project. 

Ask your local authorities for more details about regulations affecting your scissor lift usage. If you’re hiring a scissor lift from a local vendor, they can also give you more information about these regulations and how to navigate them.

Check Insurance

Although most people don’t do this, it makes sense to get insurance coverage when hiring a scissor lift. This protects you in case of potential accidents or damage during your project. 

Many equipment rental companies offer insurance options that you can get as part of the rental deal. Ask questions about this and find an insurance package that works for you. 

Wear Safety Gear 

Safety is often overlooked when it comes to DIY renovation or maintenance projects. As a DIY enthusiast, you should have essential protective accessories such as helmets, non-slip footwear, and reflective clothing. 

These accessories are particularly important when working on an elevated platform, such as a scissor lift. Ensure you’re appropriately geared up to maximise your safety and prevent accidents during your renovation project. 

Adhere to Weight Limits

The equipment rental company you’re working with will provide guidelines regarding safe working limits for every equipment you get. For scissor lifts, you’ll be instructed about the maximum weight it can handle and how to properly load the machine to ensure maximum stability. Avoid loading the equipment beyond these limits because it can damage the lift or cause instability and accidents. 

Secure The Work Area 

Before your project begins, look out for obstacles that can get in the way of your scissor lift and get rid of them. This is particularly important for home renovation since there are likely to be a lot of these obstacles around. Securing the work area will make it easier to get your scissor lift around, maximising safety and productivity as you work.

Maintenance and Inspection

Your scissor lift should be inspected regularly during your DIY project to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Contact the rental company immediately for repairs or replacement if you notice any issues. You may also need to carry out basic maintenance, especially if you have the unit with you for a long time. 


You’ll find the tips above very useful when hiring a scissor lift for your next DIY project. To learn more about proper scissor lift rentals, contact a reliable equipment rental company like easyToolhire. 

Not only do we have the right equipment to help you get the job done, but our experts will also assist you as much as possible to get the best out of your project. Get your DIY renovation project done like a pro with our help. Call now to get started. 

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