Top 10 tools for DIY projects

Plate Compactor
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Whether you are building an extension, laying a patio or driveway, renovating the garden or simply
carrying out a few small DIY projects in your home, there are a handful of tools that you will need to
complete your task. In this latest blog, we identify the most popular top 10 tools needed to complete DIY projects around the home and garden.

•Cutquick Saw – This is a circular blade that can cut wood, concrete and metal. A cutquick saw is lightweight yet powerful and is ideal for a range of DIY projects.

•Plate Compactor – A plate compactor is also known as a whacker plate. If you are creating a new driveway or patio, a plate compactor can compact asphalt and sub-base.

•Half Bag Mixer – This is a small concrete mixer that is perfect for home projects and DIY enthusiasts. It can be used to mix concrete, screed and mortar.

•Mini Excavator – Working on a small renovation project? Building a small extension or doing some work in the garden? A mini excavator is the perfect piece of kit, great for digging and takes the hard work out of trenches. Put down that spade!

•Hydraulic Breaker – This is the “go to” tool for demolition and foundation work. They can break rock, dig holes and or break up the dirt to make digging holes easier. This piece of equipment is used for small construction projects.

•Combi Hammer – A combi hammers hammering and drilling functions are ideal for light demolition work. For example, they can drill into masonry and concrete.

•Cordless Combi Drill – People often get drill drivers and combi drills confused. A drill driver drives screws and drills holes into materials/surfaces, such as wood and laminate. A combi drill can do that too and drill into steel, masonry and concrete.

•Big Blue Glider trowel – If you want a good smooth finish on your concrete, you will need a Big Blue Glider. It has curved edges so it won’t dig into the concrete surface.

•Nail Gun – If you have lots of nails to drive into wood, you need a nail gun. Normally driven by compressed air, the nail gun is ideal for roofing, carpentry, and garden building projects.

•Rammer – Perfect for flattening soil and concrete, a rammer compacts the ground. But it is different to a plate compactor. Unlike a compactor that vibrates, settling the dirt below, a rammer uses impact force to compress the material underneath. Smaller than a compactor, it is ideal for restricted spaces. 

We hope you have found this blog useful and it has given you some insight as to some of the most important tools you will need to renovate your house. If you would like further advice on finding the right tool to renovate your
home or garden, talk to one of the team today.

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