Top 12 Most Important Tools To Use When Renovating Your Home In 2023 

Hand Drill
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As you gradually round up the year and enter into the new year, renovating your home is probably at the top of your to-do list for the year. This might be to raise the value of your property or to simply give it a facelift. Your DIY skills may come in handy, especially now that several instructional videos are easily accessible. However, you might get stuck if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in DIY home renovation, here’s a list of essential home improvement tools to help you get started and make your home renovation project easier and faster.


The drill is one of the most practical DIY tools for home innovation. It is used to make holes in wood, plastic, metal, aluminium, and even concrete materials. Some drills may also have functions that allow you to screw and unscrew things into the holes that you make. Hand drills are typically electric-powered and they can be corded or cordless. A 12-14V cordless drill is powered by a battery and allows you to work anywhere without worrying about the cords getting in the way of your work. You can ask for that specifically when you go for core drill hire or if you want to buy your own equipment. 


A good hammer should be in every DIYer’s toolbox. It is a handy home renovation tool that may be used to drive nails into walls, remove nails from surfaces, or even tear down walls. Even though the claw hammer is the most popular tool in general home renovation, there are several kinds of hammers with varied purposes for your 2023 home improvement project.


Your home improvement project will likely include installing and removing screws, for this, you will need a screwdriver. Screwdrivers can be handheld or electric. This essential home renovation tool, which is available in a variety of sizes and forms, can be useful whether you’re trying to mend a kitchen cabinet or tighten an electric socket screw. It’s a tool worth having in your toolbox but you can get an auto-feed screwdriver hire from a tool hire company as well. 

Circular Saw

A circular saw is an effective tool you might need for your home renovation. It can be used for cutting through a wide range of materials. Primarily, it is used for cutting wood but also works for other harder materials like ceramic or steel. Compared with the table saw, you can use a circular without a table. In cutting items for renovation projects, a circular saw is a versatile tool because it allows you to cut at any position or orientation. 


Another vital tool for your home renovation is a ladder. Unless you’re 8ft tall, then you’ll definitely need this tool. A ladder would make it possible for you to work in places beyond your normal reach such as on ceilings and other high places. There are numerous types and sizes of ladders to choose from. In selecting a ladder, consider the height, firmness, and attachment for your tools for convenience.

A Sledge Hammer 

This is a large, heavy hammer with a flat head. You’ll need this tool for the demolition phase of your home renovation project. The heavy head of this hammer combined with the long handle, allows you to generate enough momentum to knock down walls, break floors, and other forms of demolition. Although it requires strength and skill to wield, it is a much-needed tool for home renovation projects. 


Generally, you’ll need a pair of pliers for tightening or loosening metal works, holding onto nuts and bolts, and cutting and twisting wires. These are all basic tasks that are likely to come up during a home renovation project. Pliers are also used for grasping items too small to hold with your hands. They’re typically used for electric repairs and other projects. There are different types of pliers and they all have unique uses. You can get yourself a set of pliers for more versatile applications. 

Measuring Tape 

A measuring tape helps you to take accurate measurements during your renovation projects. Whether you’re trying to determine room dimensions, the size of a window, the height of your door frame, or anything else you need to measure during your renovation project, this tool will come in handy. Note that there are different types of measuring tapes, but the ideal one for your DIYer is the self-retracting measuring tape. 

Adjustable Spanner

A spanner is often used for plumbing works, but it may also be used for other projects. It is one of the most important home renovation tools especially when you’re doing some waterworks for your home. It is a handy tool for gripping and tightening nuts. The fact that it is adjustable also means you can use it for nuts and bolts of any size by resizing the jaws instead of swapping tools each time.


The handsaw is one of the most basic tools for construction and renovation projects. It is used for trimming and cutting materials like wood in different shapes and sizes used for construction. Hand saws come in different sizes and shapes and are mostly used in place of a power saw for simpler chores. 


Renovating requires tossing out the old and bringing in the new. So you’ll need demolition tools like a crowbar. The crowbar is designed for removing nails from walls or separating materials from each other. While some hammers tend to have claws that you can use for a similar purpose, a crowbar is more effective than a hammer. They can easily remove floor tiling, open a fresh can of paint, or open a window that has been stuck for ages.

Respirator Masks 

A DIY demolition project typically throws up a lot of dust that might be harmful if inhaled. A good respirator mask will protect you from airborne particles. Respirator masks come in different varieties. While some of them remove hazardous contaminants from the air, others supply clean air from another source. 


Renovating a home is a lot of work. However, the right equipment will save you time and make your work less stressful. If you have a home renovation project planned for 2023, the tools listed here are a must-have. 

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