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Compaction plates or plate compactors are often referred to as wacker plates. They are used for heavy duty compaction and are the perfect piece of equipment if you require a good solid surface or foundation. But do you know why you need to hire a wacker plate? Do you need vibrating plate compactor hire because you are working on a new drive or pathway? Or, have you jumped on Google and typed in wacker hire plate for hire near me because you want to compact paving stones? If you are working on a garden project or are laying a new patio, easyToolhire has a wide range of compaction tools available to hire, including electric wacker plate hire, vibrating wacker plate hire, diesel wacker plate hire, and reversible plate compactor hire. 

If you would like to hire a wacker plate, we expect you are working on an exciting home renovation or garden project. A wacker plate is used to compact soil, hardcore, sand and tarmac, so if you are constructing a summer house, garden room/office, or garage, you will need to compact the ground before you begin construction. Such builds require a good solid base on which to work. But if you would like to hire a wacker plate, what should you look out for? 

•Wacker plates are available in a range of sizes. Most plate compactors and wacker plates are petrol or powered by diesel. However, you can also hire electric wacker plates. It is worth noting that you should only use petrol or diesel plate compactors in a well ventilated area. They should not be used indoors. If you are working inside and need to compact soil indoors, use an electric plate compactor. 

•Some plate compactors that are available to hire are more heavy duty than others. Heavy duty plate compactors are great for paving stones and landscaping, and the maintenance of roads, paths and car parks. 

•Most wacker plates are operated in a forward motion but you can also hire a reversible plate compactor. A reversible wacker plate has a simple switch that allows the wacker plate or plate compactor to move forward or backwards. Why is this a useful option? It is good if you want to compact trenches or backfill around foundations. 

•What soil type are you working with? Looking at vibrating plate compactor hire? It is essential that you consider the type of soil conditions you are working with. Use a vibrating plate compactor if you are working with granular soils, like sand or gravel. They can be compacted whether it is wet or dry. Soils with a higher clay content would benefit from a trench rammer. Wacker plates use vibration to compact the ground and a trench rammer uses direct impact force. If you are working in a large area, hire a wacker plate. But as the name suggests, if you are working in a trench, hire a trench hammer. Trench rammers are great for tiny spaces. 

•If you have hired a petrol or diesel wacker plate, do not refuel your wacker plate whilst the engine is running or whilst it is hot. You must turn off the engine before you refuel the plate compactor. Also, it is essential that you check any documentation and instructions that come with the wacker plate. Seek advice if you are unsure of how to operate the plate compactor properly. 

•Got your wacker plate running? Once the throttle is open, the compactor’s own vibration will move it forward. You should work in strips, walking behind the wacker plate. Once you compacted one strip, turn the wacker plate around and walk alongside the strip you have just compacted. You may be required to go over the area you wish to compact a couple of times to ensure that the area is compacted properly. 

•Do I really need to hire a wacker plate? If you are laying a new driveway or patio and fail to compact its foundation properly, your shiny new driveway will not last. Water can get into any cracks or air pockets and if there is a frost the driveway or patio could crack. Make sure you compact the ground properly if you want to enjoy your handiwork for a decent amount of time.

•Wacker plates are heavy pieces of machinery. Reputable tool hire companies will deliver wacker plates and plate compactors to your door for a small delivery and collection fee. easyToolhire’s friendly staff can show you how to use a wacker plate properly. However, if you have questions about electric wacker plate hire, vibrating wacker plate hire, diesel wacker plate hire, and reversible plate compactor hire,  talk to a member of the easyToolhire team. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make tool hire easier and our website has the best wacker plate hire rates available.

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