Top tips: What to look out for when hiring tools and equipment?

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Buying equipment and tools can be an expensive job, particularly if the item you need will sit idle or unused once you’ve finished a project. That’s why hiring tools and equipment is a great way to ensure your job gets finished, and at minimal cost.

Here are five things that you need to look out for when hiring tools and equipment:

  • Pricing structure and add-ons Depending what item of equipment that you would like to hire, there could be additional charges (optional and mandatory) such as fuel surcharges. All hire companies have different pricing structures. Therefore, it’s important to ask what fees are included in the cost of rental and if any additional fees will be charged. Make sure you understand what you are paying for.
  • Protection policies Is a protection policy included in the contract? Moreover, does the policy contain a LDW or REP plan? LDW stands for Loss Damage or Limited Damage Waiver and protects the hirer from having to pay the full cost of equipment loss or damage. A Rental Equipment Protection policy places a limit on the amount you pay should something go wrong with the equipment you have hired.
  • Training Does the hire company offer operator training on the piece of equipment you want to hire? If not, is there a training manual or document that you can refer to prior to renting the equipment out?
  • Maintenance Is the equipment fit for purpose? Ask the hire company when the tools/equipment were last serviced. Be sure that the equipment you are hiring has been maintained properly and can do the job that you want it to do. Poorly maintained equipment could hold up your project if it breaks or stops working.
  • Delivery/collection Would you like the equipment to be delivered or would you like to collect the tools? Ask your equipment hire company about delivery/collection options. For example, will there be a delay on an item if you have to wait for it to be delivered? What delivery/pick up policies does your chosen company have? Is there a penalty for returning equipment late? Even, does your chosen hire company operate a COVID-secure click and collect service?

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