What are the best mini excavators I can hire?

Mini excavators
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There are a range of mini excavators on the market. They are the perfect piece of equipment for a wide range of projects that are too large for a spade and a wheelbarrow. So, if you need to dig large holes or trenches, or even undertake some demolition work, check these tips on mini excavator hire and the best mini excavators that you can hire.

Mini excavators are a great piece of kit… they are a multi-purpose tool that can either dig or demolish. Mini excavators can be hired for home or garden projects and for small construction projects. For example, would you like to create a pond, or knock down a garage? Small excavators may have a small footprint, but they are powerful pieces of kit that can manage a variety of tasks.

Compact Mini Diggers
A compact mini digger is the ideal excavator to hire when working in exceptionally small areas. It is suitable for use inside and outdoors – the integral dozer gives backfill and landscaping options. Despite its compact size, easyToolhire’s micro digger features a 9kw engine and has the digging force to tackle the toughest of jobs. The micro digger has a maximum dig depth of 1.69 metres and a maximum dump height of 1.98 metres. Adjustable tracks allow access through confined openings whilst providing stability during operation.

1.5 ton Mini Excavator
easyToolhire’s 1.5t Mini Excavator is a powerful mini excavator that gives outstanding performance across a range of digging applications. These are the ideal diggers to hire for small to medium jobs such as working on driveways, drains or cable trenches. It is ideal for general work such as digging trenches for footings, drains and cables, general landscaping, and driveway/patio construction. A firm favourite with contractors and general DIY. easyToolhire offers a range of complementary accessories to hire too.
This 1.5 tonne mini excavator is designed to minimise operator exertion, in turn maximising operator productivity. With easy and intuitive controls, precise operation and impressive visibility that provide exceptional ease of use, comfort, and safety.

3 ton Mini Excavator
easyToolhire’s 3 ton Mini Excavator takes the power of a mini excavator to new heights with an impressive bucket (23kN) and dipper (17kN) tearout performance. Box section dozer arms provide ultimate strength and the high quality 25cm wide tracks perform in the most arduous applications. It has class-leading stability and lift capacity, thanks to a low centre of gravity and high-strength hydraulics. When working in this mini excavator, the operator will appreciate the spacious cab environment, with more legroom than the average excavator of this size and the efficient heating system ensures you can work in a comfortable temperature. There are excellent levels of visibility from the working position and the minimised vibrations make working in this mini excavator for longer periods of time far more comfortable than in comparison to the average.

How much does it cost to hire a mini excavator?
The cost of hiring a mini excavator depends on the make, model, type of job and length of hire. On average, a mini excavator can cost between £130 and £250 to hire per day. This price does not include VAT or delivery/collection charges.

Things to consider
•Got a big job? You will need to hire a large excavator.
•Have you got enough space to manoeuvre the excavator? Mini diggers are great if you have limited space.
•Think of the job that you need to carry out – you may need a particular attachment. Check what attachments are available and choose the best one for the job.
•What terrain will you be working on? Grass? Concrete? Mud? Mini excavators come with wheels or tracks, such as rubber or steel. If you are working on concrete look for an excavator with wheels. If you are working on rough terrain, then look for a mini excavator with tracks.

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