What are the heavy equipment rental rates?

Heavy equipment hire
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Plant machinery and plant equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. But, with the right help, it is easy to find the right plant equipment, including heavy lifting equipment and heavy electrical equipment, for your next project. 

Whether you are a builder, or you’re working on a self-build project that requires heavy plant machinery, reputable tool and plant hire companies can help you identify the best equipment to help you with your latest project. But before you jump on Google and look up heavy lifting equipment hire, or heavy electrical equipment hire, do you have questions about rental rates? For example, should you buy equipment or is it cheaper and more beneficial to hire? How much does heavy equipment hire cost? And how does a tool hire company calculate heavy equipment rental rates?

Hiring plant machinery and equipment is much more cost effective than buying. Reputable tool hire companies regularly service and maintain equipment. So when you hire plant machinery, you can be sure that the large plant machinery that you have just hired is fit for purpose and safe to use. 

Calculating hire rates

It is more cost effective to hire tools and plant equipment for one week than it is for one day. Tool and plant hire companies offer competitive rates. Do you know how long you need to hire the equipment and heavy lifting equipment for? It can often take longer to complete a task so when you are looking to hire heavy plant equipment, do have a realistic idea of how long you will need the machinery for. 

Tool hire and specialist plant machinery depots have a large portfolio of equipment available to hire. Renting equipment rather than purchasing means that machines are only used when they are really needed. Chat to your friendly tool and plant hire provider. You can choose the equipment that is most appropriate to your needs. They can advise you of the right tools and equipment to hire, the best time to hire it, and for how long. 

Additional things to consider

If you are looking to calculate how much plant and equipment hire costs will be, consider the following: Depending what item of equipment that you would like to hire, there could be additional charges (optional and mandatory) such as fuel surcharges. All hire companies have different pricing structures. Therefore, it’s important to ask what fees are included in the cost of rental and if any additional fees will be charged. Make sure you understand what you are paying for.

You should also ask your tool and plant hire provider about protection policies. Is a protection policy included in the heavy equipment hire contract? Moreover, does the policy contain a LDW or REP plan? LDW stands for Loss Damage or Limited Damage Waiver and protects the hirer from having to pay the full cost of equipment loss or damage. A Rental Equipment Protection policy places a limit on the amount you pay should something go wrong with the heavy equipment you have hired.

There are a number of things that will impact on heavy equipment hire rates; the length of time that you wish to hire the equipment for, fuel surcharges, insurance protection, and whether the equipment you wish to hire requires additional attachments. And don’t forget to factor in delivery and collection charges too. 

We hope this article has helped to explain equipment rental rates. It’s our aim to make tool and plant hire for the end user.

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