What are the most important tools you need to renovate a house?

Home renovation tools
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Long summer nights are absolutely fantastic for sorting out projects around the home and garden. More daylight means that if you love DIY, you have more time and light to renovate your home and garden, or finishing those DIY projects that you started but never finished. 

Whether you have decided to landscape your garden, build a garden room, construct some shelves, or knock through some walls to create a large open plan living space for your family, there are a number of tools that you will need to renovate a house. Great tools to have at your disposal include a shovel, a wheelbarrow, a hammer, an angle grinder, a spirit level, and a concrete mixer. But these are just a handful of items that you will need to renovate your home or garden. 

easyToolhire Scotland, the tool hire specialist, has a range of tools and garden tools available to hire. Before you jump on Google and type in tool hire near me, garden tool hire, tool and equipment hire services, tool and equipment hire, or the most important tools to renovate a house, talk to easyToolhire. We have created a list of five useful items that you will need if you want to make your home the envy of the entire neighbourhood. 

Power tools

Any savvy DIY fan will have a good range of power tools and small hand tools at their disposal. Drill drivers, combi drills, and screwdrivers are essential items. People often confuse drill drivers and combi drills. A drill driver drives screws and drills holes into materials/surfaces, such as wood and laminate. A combi drill can do that too, but it can also drill into steel, masonry, and concrete. Such items are a great addition to any tool box. 

Tile cutter

Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want to create a new look by laying a new floor? Tile cutters work by scoring a ceramic tile, which enables the resultant line of weakness to be broken. If you need to accurately cut tiles over and over again, and have lots of tiles to cut, a tile cutter is an absolute must. 


Everyone loves a smooth surface and a smooth surface is essential if you want to achieve a high-end finish. You can make light work of stubborn surfaces by using a sander. But do you know which sander to hire? A palm sander is small and compact and is great if you are finishing small projects or decorating. A belt sander is slightly different and is great for larger timber projects. An orbital sander is ideal if you are not concerned about the grain direction on the surface you are sanding. Orbital sanders do create lots of dust so you will need to think about dust extraction and ventilation. Finally, drum sanders and edging sanders are designed for large surface areas. In fact, they are perfect if your home has wooden floors. A drum sander works on soft and hardwood flooring, including tongue and groove, parquet, and block. An edging sander complements a standard drum sander and can get into edges of a floor. Edge sanders can reach confined and tricky spaces, such as cupboards and wardrobes, before varnishing or staining. 


Are you renovating your garden? Have you been looking for garden tool hire? A garden shredder makes light work of any tree branches that you have cut down. Specifically, it reduces garden waste and turns large pieces of wood into woodchip. Garden waste can be turned into a more manageable size, which is great if you are heading down to the tip. 


Do you need to cut through wood, concrete, and metal? If your answer is yes then a circular saw or cutquik saw is the tool you need. Circular saws are fantastic tools as they can be used on a variety of projects in the home or in the garden. It’s a powerful piece of kit and they are lightweight too.

We hope you have enjoyed this short blog, which details just a few of the tools that you might need if you are looking to renovate your home. If you are looking online for tool hire near me, garden tool hire, tool and equipment hire services, or tool and equipment hire, contact easyToolhire today. We have a wide range of tools available. For a small fee, we can deliver and/or collect tools, and our friendly team of tool hire specialists have the knowledge to help you find the right tool for the right job. 

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