What Are The Most Popular Tools For DIY Christmas Projects?

Must-have tools for DIY Christmas projects
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The holiday season is a time for merriment and festivities, but it’s also the time for some simple projects to spruce up your home. If you’re big on DIY, you probably will enjoy doing most of your Christmas decorations yourself instead of buying them. For this, you’ll need to have some basic tools. Having the right tools simplifies your work and makes things a little easier for you. The following are the most popular tools people use for DIY Christmas projects. 


A utility knife or cutter is a versatile tool useful for a wide range of Christmas projects. As the name implies, you use a cutter to cut through different materials. It is one of the most used Christmas craft tools for cutting cardboard, paper, plastic, and several other materials. Many cutters come with replaceable blades which means you can easily swap out the old blades when they get worn out. 


A jigsaw is a type of portable hand saw with a reciprocating blade. The saw is often used to cut irregular curves out of wood and other materials. When you need to cut out irregular shapes for your Christmas decoration, a Jigsaw is a perfect tool to use. The saw is easy to handle even for beginners. You can outline the shape you want to cut out first or do so freehand if you’re already familiar with cutting shapes with a saw. 

Hand Drill 

A hand drill is a practical DIY tool for drilling holes in different materials. That includes metal, wood, or even concrete. It is powered by electricity and designed to be ergonomic. A cordless drill is battery-powered which makes it even more versatile. You can pair your hand drill with drill bits of different shapes and sizes. This is the part of the drill that does the actual drilling and the possibility of using different bit types allows you to work with different materials. 

There are different types of drills. A drill with a forward/reverse function is even more versatile because you can use it for tasks that require you to unscrew stuff too. Other types of drills include a cordless combi hammer, diamond cutter core drill, or cordless TEK guns all of which are suitable for different types of projects. For more complex projects you can go all out with a powerful heavy-duty SDS max combi hammer drill. If you’ll be drilling often, you can buy yourself one. Otherwise, you can simply go for a drill hire instead. 

Glue Gun 

Gluing in crafting is a vital part of many DIY Christmas projects. Whether you’re installing Christmas lights or adding some designs to your Christmas garlands, you’ll need a glue gun for the job. Hot glue is a quick and easy way to glue stuff together without damaging the surfaces you’re working with. However, it might not work for metal, plastic, or painted surfaces. 


Pliers are useful for bending, twisting, and cutting wires. You’ll need this tool to form loops or rings for your wreath form and other Christmas decorations. It’s even more helpful if you have a complete set with long-nosed, combination, or side cutters. Although each one is versatile and can be used interchangeably, having a set helps you to work more efficiently based on your specific needs. 


A hammer is a must-have DIY tool, not just for Christmas decorations but general home improvement projects. Sure, you may be able to push nails into walls using stones or even one of your shoes with a hard heel, but it would not do the job effectively. A good hammer is a versatile tool. In addition to wacking nails into the wall, you can also use the curved claw of the hammer to take out nails. Specialised hammers like a light-duty demolition hammer may also be useful for simple demolition projects. You may need something like this to take down your Christmas decorations after the festive seasons are over. 

Staple Gun 

When you need to fasten materials for your Christmas decorations, one of the most effective tools to use is a staple gun. You’ll find dozens of uses for staplers during your Christmas decorations and you’ll still be able to use them for other things after the festive season is over. Staple guns come in both hand-powered, spring, and electric models. 


If you’re working with wood for your Christmas project, you’ll need a sander to remove materials from the surface of the wood in order to give it a smoothe finish. Although a manual hand sander works, a one-handed orbital sander is a more convenient tool to use. This device is driven by an electric motor. Sandpaper disks at the end of the motor polish the wood for a fine finish. You can also swap the prefabricated disks which vary from fine to coarse depending on what you want for your project. 


These are 8 of the most common tools you’re likely to need for your DIY Christmas projects. You can get the tools you need for your holiday-themed decorations and other similar projects from easyToolhireEasy Tool Hire. Check out our website to find just the right tools for your project.

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