What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Construction Company?

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Construction is a capital-intensive industry, where efficient project management and cost-effective solutions, such as wacker plate hire, tool hire, and the strategic use of construction equipment, are essential for success and profitability. The best construction companies don’t just have the best minds working for them, they also invest in quality equipment that meets the needs of the projects they take on. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy every piece of equipment you need for your construction company. While it still makes sense to own a few basic construction machineries, you can simply rent others you don’t have when you have a need for them. For instance, you may opt for a vibrating wacker plate hire when you need to carry out soil compaction projects. The following are some of the most important equipment you will need to purchase or rent to start a construction company: 


Excavators are probably the most versatile machines in the construction industry. Every construction company needs to get at least one since you’ll need them for pretty much every project. While the primary use of an excavator is digging, it can also be used to lift heavy objects, demolish buildings, and for dredging purposes. This versatile machinery can also be fitted with attachments to carry out more specialized tasks. With attachments, you can expand the function of excavators to include augering, grappling, and backfilling. You can also rough grade and fix pipes.


Bulldozers rank high among the list of the strongest and heaviest construction machinery. Primarily, their function is to clear out terrains and transport dirt on a construction site. However, they can also come in quite handy for demolition jobs. They can remove the topsoil and other loose earth materials to a certain depth. The massive size of the machinery and its tracks could be a disadvantage at times as it is often difficult to transport to and from the construction site. However, you will have a serious need for it if you handle complex construction projects. Otherwise, a bulldozer might only find use once in a while and you can simply rent it whenever you need it. 


They are also called backhoe loaders. Backhoes are a kind of excavator and bulldozer mixture. They have a loading bucket in front and a hoe at their backs. The bucket’s purpose is to lift materials while the hoe is used for excavations below the machine level. These properties make them indispensable on construction sites. They are lighter and more agile on sites than bulldozers. Backhoes can perform the functions of both an excavator and a bulldozer in a more restricted amount of space. Their wheel drives make them easy to move around unlike the track-driven bulldozer.

Dump trucks

These construction equipment are basically used to move around large quantities of materials for deposition in other parts of the site or dump yards. There are different shapes and sizes of dump trucks. But as a starter company, a medium-sized one will work fine for you. If you’re renting, you’ll get access to an array of options and you can choose based on the scale of your project. 


Loaders have short arms that they use to load materials into their large buckets. Most times on construction sites, these materials are mainly soil or wastes from demolition. Investing in a good loader increases the versatility of your construction business. Skid steers and compact track loaders are good examples of loaders. The type you choose to purchase or rent depends on several factors. But the important thing is that it can perform the functions you need it for effectively.  

Just like excavators, loaders have attachments too. This increases the number of functions they can perform. Cat grader blades, dozer blades, and backhoes can be attached to your loaders. Other more regular attachments include snow blowers, brushes, and hammers. 


They are also called rollers and as the name implies, the machinery is used for soil/asphalt compaction. It is a heavy piece of construction machinery that reduces the air pockets present in the soil. This allows the soil to be able to bear heavy loads on even surfaces. Trench rammers, vibrating rollers, and flat plate compactors are a few examples of compactor types you may need for construction projects. If you cannot afford to purchase one for your company, vibrating rollers hire or plate compactors hire might be a good alternative you need. 


It can be quite challenging to start a construction company for several reasons. But it is still a good business to start. You just have to make sure you have all the essential equipment you need. Of course, the cost of these machines are quite high and getting everything up front is often impractical. Most construction companies simply find a  good heavy equipment rental company that they can rent from on demand to meet their machinery needs. 

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