What should I look for when hiring a wacker plate?

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There are a wide range of wacker plates, plate compactors, compaction plates and vibrating plate compactors for hire. But do you know what you need? Do you require wacker plate hire, a wacker plate compactor, a petrol wacker plate or vibrating plate compactor hire? Read our latest blog on wacker plates. It gives you a whole heap of advice on what to look out for when hiring a wacker plate.

Compaction plates are often referred to as wacker plates. They are used for heavy duty compaction. But why are you looking for a wacker plate to hire? Do you need to rent a wacker plate because you want to compact paving stones, or are you maintaining a path or driveway? Do you need to hire a wacker plate because you are working on a garden project and are installing a new patio? Wacker plates are the perfect choice for compacting the ground if you are looking for a good solid surface/foundation.

If you are looking to build anything on an area of land, or if you are laying a concrete slab/patio on the ground then you will need to consider plate compactor hire. If you are building a structure such as a summer house, garden room or a new garage, you will need to properly compact the ground to ensure that you have a solid base on which to work. A wacker plate can be used for compacting soil and hardcore, sand and even tarmac.

Plate compactors and wacker plates are available in a range of sizes. Most are petrol/diesel powered and the smaller the plate, the easier it is to use if you are working in a confined space. Many wacker plates are operated in a forward motion but you can also rent a wacker plate with a reverse option. You can rent a reversible wacker plate – it has a simple switch that allows the wacker plate or plate compactor to move forward or backwards.

There are many different types of plate compactors on the market. But their job is very similar – to compact the ground to give you a solid foundation to work on. If you are considering a vibrating plate compactor hire, please consider the type of soil conditions you are working with. Use a vibrating wacker plate if you are working with sand and gravel. Silts and clay may benefit more from compaction.

What should you consider when hiring a wacker plate?

Things to consider

  • Motion – Do you need to move the wacker plate in a forwards direction or do you need a wacker plate that can go forwards and backwards? If you need the wacker plate to reverse, hire a reversible plate compactor.
  • Consider the project – What is the thickness of the material you are trying to compact? What type of material is it and how thick is the layer of material? These will have an impact on your choice.
  • Centrifugal force – When you look at the information that comes with a wacker plate, look at the information regarding centrifugal force. This force gives the plate its power. If you have a thick or large layer of material, you will need a more powerful wacker plate. If you need to compact thinner layers of material, you won’t need as much force. When choosing a wacker plate to hire, consider the vibrations per minute (VPM).  
  • Size of area – If the area you are working in is small and compact, consider hiring a trench rammer. If you are working in a confined space or tight spot, you may find that wacker plates and plate compactors are too big and bulky to use. Trench rammers have a slim design and are perfect for compacting soil and vibrating trench rammers are great if the ground you are working on has a high clay content.
  • Fuel source – Have you Googled wacker plate hire near me? Need a wacker plate? Do you know which fuel source to choose? Petrol and diesel wacker plates are available to hire.

If you would like to hire a wacker plate, but still don’t know which wacker plate to hire, talk to the friendly team at easyToolhire. The team can answer all your questions about wacker plate compactors, petrol wacker plates and hire rates. Plus, if you would like to hire a wacker plate, our knowledgeable team can also show you how to use the wacker plate safely and efficiently so that you get the best use out of the equipment.

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