Which tools are the best for digging a hole?

Post Hole Borer
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If you are renovating your property, starting a weekend DIY project, or landscaping your garden, there are a million and one reasons why you may need to dig a hole. Are you looking to dig foundations, trenches, or fence posts? Do you need help shovelling soil, mud, and sand? Or do you need to dig a hole because you want to create a pond in your back garden? There are several tools on the market that could make digging a hole a whole lot easier. So, if you need to dig a hole, which tools are the best for digging a hole?

Pole borer

If you are looking to build a fence, a pole borer will speed up the process. Pole borers, also known as an auger, are designed for boring holes into many substances but especially soil. They are great for making holes in the ground and make light work of heavy duty and back-breaking projects. If you are looking for precision, a pole borer will enable you to bore a neat and tidy hole. What’s more, you can also hire different sized auger bits for the pole borer, which allow you to make smaller or bigger holes, depending on your project.

Back to basics

Every good DIY and gardening enthusiast needs a good shovel. They are fantastic for slicing through lawns, soil, and roots and so it is good to invest in a decent spade that will last a long time. Look out for spades made from stainless steel if you want your shovel to last.

Axe you like it

A pickaxe is a T-shaped hand tool that enables the user to swing at a substrate – it’s ideal for breaking up the ground, especially if the ground is hard, rocky, or icy. And a pickaxe is great if you are landscaping or gardening. Sometimes, a pickaxe can also be called a mattock, but a mattock is a different tool. A mattock has a solid metal head, and one side of the tool (the blade) is much broader than the other.

Getting diggy with it

If you want to dig a large hole than a small digger or compact digger may be just the thing you need. Compact mini diggers are popular items of equipment and are often hired because they are expensive items of kit to buy. If you are digging trenches or foundations for an extension, for example, or if you are looking to landscape your garden, you should consider mini digger hire.

Mini excavators are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. In fact, they are a multi-purpose tool that cannot only dig a hole but can also demolish. So, they can dig a hole and knock down a wall. If you would like to know which tools are the best for digging a hole, then you cannot go far wrong with a small digger or compact digger.

If you want to dig cable trenches or drainage holes, consider hiring a compact digger or small digger.

Mini diggers are great if only have a small space to operate in and they are perfect if you are working on a mix of terrains. A mini digger can handle grass, concrete, or mud, as they have either stell or rubber tracks. A mini digger may be small, but it can handle a large variety of tasks. If you need to dig a lot of holes, then a compact digger is the perfect tool for you.

Smaller projects

If you only need to dig small holes, you might want to consider using a digging bar. Like a post borer, a digging bar can be used to dig a hole that is suitable for a new fence post. Or a digging bar can be used to dig a hole for planting a tree. Some digging bars have an extra wide chisel bar at one end, making easier work of heavier soil, such as clay.

Safety first

Before choosing the perfect tool, you must consider all elements of the project. Any tool or piece of equipment that you use, or hire can cause harm or injury if it is not used correctly. All manuals and instructions that are provided with your chosen tool should be read carefully. If you are hiring any tools, you should also listen to any advice that you are given by a qualified member of staff.

If you would like more advice on which are the best tools for digging a hole, please consider one of the easyToolhire team today.

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