Electric mini diggers: When to use them

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One of the topics that is increasingly talked about is that of environmental sustainability. Hiring tools, plant, and machinery, such as mini diggers, is cost-effective and environmentally friendly because tool hire and equipment rental enables you to hire a piece of kit for a time that suits you – there’s no huge outlay of costs and no wastage. 

But, as climate change and the impact of our actions on the planet are brought to the fore, more and more tradespeople, construction specialists, and DIY enthusiasts are turning to electric tools and plant machinery over diesel. 

In this article we will talk specifically about electric mini diggers: when to use them and what are their strengths

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Speaking of mini excavators, the differences in performance between electric, hybrid and diesel are minimal. Electric mini excavators and mini diggers are designed and built for special needs; the great advantage of using an electric mini excavator is in fact having the possibility of using it both for outdoor work and for working indoors. The strong point is, therefore, power supply. This allows zero emissions compared to those generated by diesel machines. At the same time, there is minimal impact in terms of noise, making the indoor working environment more comfortable for the operator.

Any type of work involving low noise and limited emissions can be carried out with an electric mini excavator. 

Some examples can be demolition work or indoor excavation in environments, such as basements or industrial buildings, but also work inside tunnels or subways. 

These types of works must meet certain requirements in terms of emissions and noise and are sometimes performed with manual equipment. Thanks to the power supply, it is possible to use electric mini excavators, saving time and increasing efficiency. 

Precisely in order not to cause disturbance, these machines are also perfect to use around livestock or in agricultural settings, where the noise of diesel excavators could cause distress to animals.

Energy and recharging of electric mini excavators

An electric mini excavator can run for around eight hours. During this time, the electric motor does not reduce its power. Furthermore, an electric mini digger does not need to be connected to mains power, as it can rely on the latest generation batteries.

Charging operations can be very fast. In four hours – at high voltage – a modern lithium battery can be fully recharged but shorter recharges can also be carried out without damaging the battery.

Health and safety and electric mini diggers

If the project you are working on is on private land or access roads, you do not need a licence to operate a mini digger. However, if you are working by the roadside or you are driving the mini digger on a public road, the operator will require a ticket. 

If you are working on private land, you may not need a licence to drive the mini digger but you will require adequate training to ensure you can operate the machine safely. Your employer will also need to ensure that you are competent to operate the mini digger. 

If you wish to operate a large digger or piece of plant machinery, such as a 360 excavator, you will require specific training, conducted by an accredited training provider. Such training courses are normally composed of a theoretical and a practical module at the end of which it is necessary to pass a final test.

In conclusion

The power supply allows the mini excavators and mini diggers to be used profitably both indoors and outdoors.

Both for excavation and demolition work and for interventions in other areas, these machines ensure the same power as diesel and an ability to work up to eight hour..

Our advice is to always contact a professional tool hire specialist to learn more about the characteristics of electric machines so that you can be supported during the entire tool hire and equipment rental process.

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