Who makes the best mini diggers and essential mini digger hire tips

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Do you need to hire a mini digger, mini excavator, compact digger, or micro digger? Do you know what you need and do you even know which make/manufacturer is the best? It is easyToolhire’s aim to make tool hire and equipment rental easy and hassle-free. That’s why we are here to answer your questions on the best mini digger hire and mini digger hire costs. But which company makes the best mini diggers?

Mini excavators and mini diggers are great pieces of kit… they are a multi-purpose tool that can either dig or demolish. Mini excavators can be hired for home or garden projects and for small construction projects. For example, would you like to dig a large pond, or knock down a garage? Small excavators may have a small footprint, but they are powerful pieces of machinery that can manage a variety of tasks.

Who makes the best mini digger? 

There are a great many manufacturers on the market that make a wide range of plant equipment and machinery. Some specialise in heavy plant, but many also accommodate the opposite end of the market, creating smaller machinery, ideal for small projects and compact spaces. 

Popular mini digger manufacturers include:

  • JCB
  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Hitachi
  • Takeuchi
  • Bobcat
  • Caterpillar
  • Volvo

Choosing the right mini digger

Compact diggers are perfect for compact spaces. They are small, but they are powerful and are great for levelling the ground and backfilling. They are efficient too and are a great addition to any small construction site. 

Things to consider when choosing a mini digger: 

Access – if access is tight, look for micro digger hire. Micro diggers can manoeuvre through tight alleyways and even doors because they are narrow pieces of machinery. Micro diggers are also great if you have to consider height and head height. 

Productivity – Micro diggers make light work of projects that would take longer by hand. Add a breaker attachment and they make easy work of breaking up concrete too.

Rotation and reach – If you would like to access a greater area/space, an excavator has a larger reach. The operator can rotate an excavator’s chassis and arm full circle. This is compared to a backhoe, which has a limited reach and can only pivot roughly 200 degrees.

Digging depth – Carefully look at a mini digger’s digging capabilities. Many mini diggers can dig between five and 12-feet deep. 

How much does it cost to hire a mini digger?

Mini digger hire costs do vary. The price will vary upon location, length of hire, and size of machine, and the cost of hiring a mini digger will increase if you also require attachments. If you are looking for cost-effective mini digger hire rates, it will be cheaper to hire a mini digger over several days. A mini digger’s day hire rate will decrease, the longer the hire period. At easyToolhire, we believe in giving customers great value for money, so if you choose to hire your mini digger online, you will save money on the price you pay. Plus, for a small fee, we can deliver your chosen mini digger to your construction site. You will also need to consider a deposit for hiring the mini digger and hire insurance. 

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