Why should I hire a mini dumper?

mini dumper
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There is a wide range of tools that remain popular with construction professionals, tradespeople, and DIY enthusiasts. But one of the most popular is a mini dumper. A mini dumper enables you to move materials and aggregates around a site and it can easily be manoeuvred if you are working in a tight space. 

In this article, we will look at the benefits of hiring a mini dumper and why you should hire a mini dumper.

What is a mini dumper?

A mini dumper is the compact version of the construction dumper but also represents the evolution of the classic wheelbarrow.

Its main use is the handling of materials in situations, characterised by narrow spaces or rough terrain. 

Powerful and easy to handle thanks to its tracks, this piece of equipment is incredibly versatile..

There is a wide range of mini dumpers available to hire. Mini dumpers vary in size and power, but they all have common traits.

The mini dumper can be recognised from the large bucket that is positioned at the front of the machine. In some models, it can lift to unload the material from above, while in others it can tip over to the front or side. Below, the tracked undercarriage allows the wheelbarrow to move easily even on the roughest and steepest terrain.

The machine can be powered either by an internal combustion engine or by an electric one, positioned on a frame. This ensures that it protects itself from impacts and at the same time, allows the operator to maintain balance during the manoeuvre.

Some mini dumpers have a front shovel placed at the bottom in front of the body; this accessory allows the operator to collect material such as earth, gravel, or debris.

Depending on the model, some mini dumpers can be manoeuvered from the ground. Or the operator can stand up on the platform and manoeuvre the machine directly on it.

When to use a mini dumper

Thanks to a mini dumper’s tracks, this self-propelled machine can be used both in construction and in small demolition and renovation works. It can also be used in agriculture and for the care and maintenance of greenery.

A mini dumper can also be used in situations, characterised by tight spaces or difficult terrain .

An example of use in the construction field can be the transport of aggregates during demolition inside buildings or homes. The small size, often less than one metre, allows the mini dumper to pass easily through doorways. Still remaining in construction, these machines can be used to transport construction material directly to the place where they will be used. 

The capacity of a mini dumper can reach up to 550 kg, allowing the operator to move heavy loads with agility and little effort.

But mini dumpers are also great when working outdoors on landscaping and gardening projects. Often, there is a need to remove and transport soil, tree roots, and branches, but also there’s a need to move stones or hardcore directly into a garden to create a flower bed or new patio, for example. 

In conclusion

In conclusion, hiring a mini dumper is the perfect solution. Whether it is transporting building materials or carrying out work in the countryside, a mini dumper is ideal for tackling rough terrain. Plus, it can be operated in tight spaces.

Finally, our advice is to always contact a professional tool hire company so that you can be supported throughout the entire tool hire and machinery rental process.  

Talk to the easyToolhire team today about how we can help you find the right tools for the right job. We are experts in mini dumper hire, and mini digger hire, so chat to the team now, via our chat facility or even via WhatsApp. We’re here to make tool hire easier for our customers so give the friendly team call. We’re here to help.

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